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  1. Bottled a batch of Santa Catalina Pale Ale (1 ltr Pet) on 26 Feb. I used 3 Cooper's Carb Drops per bottle. I'm gonna try the 2-2-2 thing for this batch. Two weeks in the LBK, 2-weeks room conditioning, 2-weeks in the fridge. We'll see how it goes.
  2. HiYa shewdawg, I went ahead and use sugar this time. The next batch I bottle I'm gonna use the drops in 2 or 3 bottles and see how it compares to the rest of the bottles that I will use sugar in. I'll keep you informed. :stout:
  3. I'm about to buy a small fridge with very accurate temp control..... so.... is it more important to keep temp control when fermenting or when conditioning??
  4. Thanks for the reply. What bothers me is 1 litter is 1000 ml. The bag says to use 2 drops for 750 ml bottles and 1 drop for 375 ml bottles. So if I use 2 drops it wont be enough..... however if I use 3 drops it will be too much. Anyone else have any ideas??
  5. I'm about to bottle a batch and I'm wanting to use Coopers Carbonation Drops. I'm using the 1 liter/quart bottles that came with my MB kit. The dosage rate on the "Drops" bag say 1 per 375ml bottle and 2 per 750ml bottle. So the question is: How many drops to use with the standard PET bottles that come with the MB kit? I sure don't want any bottle bombs, but I don't want any under carbonated beer either. I sure hope someone is on the forum tonight as I do indeed want to bottle this evening. Have a good day. -- JamesKB
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......... no bottling or brewing today...... so......... I'm ready for what ever comes..... :banana:
  7. Not to night honey...... I've been brewing all day. :stout: Bottled 2 batches (LBK) and then brewed 2 batches (LBK) :gulp:
  8. When one batch primes, how does one know just how much sugar to use? Is it for example, if each litter gets 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar then one would simply multiply that by 8 so that one uses 20 teaspoons????
  9. "manosteel9423" post=305762 said: "Joechianti" post=305529 said:James, Don't toss that LBK in the dumpster until you've called Mr Beer's customer service. I had one crack in shipping. They said to email a photo of it, and then they sent me a replacement. I can't speak FOR them, but I can speak well OF them. You should call. Joe is right...no promises, but I called them when one of my LBKs sprung a small leak on the seam just below the spiggot. All I wanted to know was if there was some kind of warranty on them and, while I found out there is no warranty, they happily shipped me a brand new LBK and spiggot free of charge to replace the faulty one. Great customer service and ALWAYS worth the call when you have a problem with one of their products! :blush: :blush: HA! It turned out to be brewer's error. I was able to bottle about 4 litters of it and when I checked the spigot I noticed that the little rubber gasket not set properly, there by allowing a little drip.... drip.... to leak out. I had sent a message to MB before I found the problem. After I found the problem :blush: I called customer service to let them know it was not the LBK leaking but rather an improperly set gasket. Guess what!!! Even though it was brewer's error they told me they are going to send me another refill for the brew I lost half of at no charge! That's what I call Customer Service/Relations!!. Perhaps I had enjoyed a bit too much of my IPA when I brewed the batch in question. :stout: :stout:
  10. I was just thinking about the "old time" beer brewers, say in the 1700s-1800s. Those folks did not know much about "sanitizing your brewing tools" back then. So I wonder what the beer really tasted like in those days. :stout: Was it all "infected" etc.... Just a thought. Have a good day. -- JamesKB
  11. "yankfan9" post=305771 said:I am about to get star san, switching over from one step to see how star san works out for me. How much star san do you mix with water in the spray bottle? I would be interested to know the answer to this queston myself. :popbeer:
  12. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=305768 said:I pull off the red gaskets and soak them the night before and let 'em dry then put back on for bottling day. Then when I sanitize the bottles, I just clamp them down and shake 'em up. I let them drip dry after that while I'm getting the LBK out of the fridge and setting up the bottling sugar. I knew that! :whistle:
  13. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=301671 said:I find that Dead Kennedys: Too Drunk To F*ck works the best. :gulp: I've stared in that movie a time or two! :gulp:
  14. How do you sanitize the porcelain part of the swing top??
  15. Oh no! One of my Mr Beer kegs sprung a leak. :dry: I brewed a batch last night and what did I find this morning? I'll tell you what I found... I found about a gallon of unfermented beer all over my counter and floor, that's what I found! :S It seems that the leak is on the seam on the bottom of the keg. Sigh..... I guess that keg is headed for the dumpster. Oh well.... sh&%$t happens. Have a good day. -- JamesKB
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