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  1. Thank you! Do you know the temp at which you add the gelatin after boiling and cooling? Also, can you use this same method for hard apple cider(Store bought apple juice)? Thanks again.
  2. Hello all, ive been investigating this for over 2 weeks now but seems like everyone has different methods. I want to clear a hard apple cider soon due to a party I am having. It was made from store bought juice and used ec118 yeast. Bought some store bought unflavored gelatin. Any advice on preperations and amounts? I have 4 gallons currently fermenting. I will add 1 gallon of juice into a keg for backsweetning. I also plan on using it on beer, any advice or tips? Thank you!!
  3. I don't have the recipe yet. I plan on ordering it through Austin Homebrew Supply. It's Raspberry Porter. From what I read, Stouts use a Nitro kegging system......not sure about porters though.
  4. Hello guys and gals, I plan on making a raspberry porter but I dont want to bottle it. Is it ok to keg it but not use nitro? I have a regular keg set up with picnic taps. Would it make a diference on flavor or presentation? Thankx!
  5. Hello all.......I'm working on my cider recipe in Qbrew but don't know how to add apple juice. Any Tips or advice? how do you work it so that the numbers add up correctly? Thanks!!!!
  6. Hello brewborg! I have been asked to take my two corny kegs to a BBQ in Los Angeles next week. I really wanted to make a trash can kegerator but will not have time. Can I get some advise on keeping 2 cornies cold in a trashcan without the issue of foaming beer. I know that opening the lid will cause fluctuating temps causing foam. Also, is it safe to put the gas tank in the trash can with the kegs and ice? Will anything get damaged? Any tips would be awesome!!!1Thank you guys in advance.
  7. Thanks.......I will try a search.
  8. Has anyone made a trash can kegerator? I have seen many pictures on Google and want to take on this project. I went to Holmes Depot but could not figure out which kind of insulation to get for inside the trash can. Any suggestions? If you guys have made one.....please post up your pics/steps/tips etc....thanks!!!!!
  9. Making 5 gallons of hard apple cider using apple juice..................how much pumpkin pie spice do you guys recommend I put at kegging? Thank you!
  10. Hello everyone, what is the proper carbonation level for kegged cider/apple wine? I am ready to keg it but have read so much info on it that my head is spinning. Some call for 30 PSI and some for 10. I like my drinks super carbed, What is the method that you guys use to keg and carb cider/apple wine? Thanks!
  11. I added potassium sorbate to my apple cider after 4 weeks fermenting. It was probably too soon but I needed it too. My question is.......i have space in my frig for the 5 gallon glass carboy. It is currently at 38degrees........is it ok to put the cider with P Sorbate in the frig at 38degrees or must it be at room temperature? Thank you!
  12. "BigPapaG" post=388847 said: "Header75" post=388829 said: "BigPapaG" post=388817 said:What yeast did you use? I used Safale T58.....it came with the kit. According to the specsheet for T-58, it can ferment at between 53.6-77*F. It goes further to say tha the IDEAL temp range is: 59-68*F. Link to the spec sheet: http://www.fermentis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/SFBT58.pdf I think it if were me, I would run at 60-62*F for primary (3-5 days) and then let it warm up to 66-68*F for the remainder of the 21 day fermentation period. I have used T-58 a lot and can tell you that I have allowed temps to rise into the mid to upper 70's with good results. The warmer temps really bring out the Belgian charcter in my opinion. But, since you stated you are doing a BM clone... You might not want all that Belgian goodness and keeping it a little cooler should surpress that a bit. Thanx, I read that too. I will follow your advice
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