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  1. Sam Adams is always popular, and not too expensive. But my favorite case of bottles came wrapped around Bell's Two Hearted Ale.
  2. "TNT" post=299141 said:Most, including me, recommend 3 weeks in the LBK, then 4 weeks in the bottle before the first taste test. Sage words, worth heeding. Not that I always follow them...
  3. No matter what's going on, don;t remove the fermenter cap uneless its a dire emergency. The current product is something of an unknown. The knowledge base will rebuild, but until then...
  4. Welcome! Stick around, we have fun here.
  5. Instead of discarding the sanitizer I pour it into a gallon container and cap it. Its good for about a week. I generally leave it in that container until I'm about to make a fresh batch for bottling. Never know when you might need to clean up a bit.
  6. You want to condition the beer at about the same temperature as fermentation.
  7. Wellcome WierdBeerGuy! From Charlotte NC here.
  8. Welcome to the obsess...I mean hobby. Stick around. We have fun here. Usually.
  9. That would probably be more sugar that you'd want to have in your brew. There is a sticky at the top of this forum titled "New brewers, please read: Malt to adjunct ratios". You don't want more that 1/3 of your fermentables to come from adjuncts.
  10. Hopefully c_s_stanley meant the liter bottles that Mr. Beer includes in the kit.
  11. swenocha wrote: As for pouring, I've found that pouring to me is a lot better than pouring away from me. Hold the brewpot with the fermenter between you and the pot and tip towards you. Your results may vary, but I find it a lot easier that way... +1
  12. Congrats! Just let the yeasties do their thing for about 2 weeks and you'll be ready to bottle.
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