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  1. Agree with Russki. My ciders usually take 2 months to turn CLEAR (gotta let all that stuff settle). It looks a lot better that way. You can bottle it at 20-30 days, but trust me - clear cider is better and its all in the presentation. Cheers! :chug:
  2. Just a suggestion ....and a good one. Unless you love cloves, don't use them. :chug: Cheers!
  3. Just be careful. Staying in dark closets too long can lead to blindness. Just stay long enough until you need glasses. :chug:
  4. Been there, done that ..... works fine, but it does prevent you from making more brewski's Cheers! :chug:
  5. I tried all the old MB cider recipes and they were all pretty nasty. Here is a recipe that I have made 3 batches so far and I enjoy: 2 gal. Apple 100% juice 1 can Apple juice consentrate 1 lb. your choice DME/LME 2 1/2 cups your choice white/brown sugar 1 pk 7gr Coopers yeast. Add water to fill line on LBK Ferment 4 weeks, test one 2 months later. My ABV ranges around 9-10%, but you can adjust that with less/more sugar.
  6. I use ALL apple juice in mine. ZERO water. :chug:
  7. "JimH" post=354136 said:Interesting stuff happening with this. I have never used champagne yeast or known anybody who made hard cider before so I don't know what to expect. My blowoff tube is bubbling but I dont see much else for signs of fermentarion. No bubbles in the fermentor. Is this normal? Yes, this is very normal
  8. "Deejay" post=353848 said:One more question for ya, if I wanted to lower ABV could I just cut the sugar in half? Yes
  9. Carbing the hard cider is pretty difficult. I've been trying for over two years - no luck.
  10. It will finally be legal to brew your own beer here in Mississippi on July, 1st. FINALLY! Last year Craft Brews with 7%+ abv was legal to sell in stores - and I have been doing some experimenting. And last month, wine and liquor was available to the city in which I live in. The closest place was Alabama or Tennessee. Look out 1900 A.D. , here we come........ :stout:
  11. My best cherry wheat so far for me was by doing this: 2 cans at primary 1 can at 10 days Bottled on day 18 Wait at least 2 months before sampling one. :chug:
  12. I used a 6•7 year old can without a problem - great brew :chug:
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