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  1. Do they (coopers tabs) disolve fine or do you still have to invert the bottles a few times?
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Lameness!
  3. Welcome aboard! Prepare to be consumed! And to consume some amazing brew!
  4. If you catch shopko on a good sale you can get MrB for a decent price. But theres only one Shopko in Cali so I guess the info is irrelevant! Ha! Good luck with your quest! Post how it goes.
  5. I'm pretty sure I do. I'll have to check it out.
  6. Ive found that midwest brewing offers the best offer for 24 12 oz. amber bottles at 12.95$. Anyone else found a better legitimate offer from another site?
  7. Get your own utensils for brewing! Specifically for it I mean. No use in having to worry about contamination " Hmmmm I wonder if anyone has used my brewing spoon to eat macaroni with.... Of course not! (its only for brewing)" haha
  8. So today is bottlinh day for Vienna Lager! I just had a quick question. What do I do once the the keg gets below the tap so nothing comes out? Should I tip the keg forward to get the rest of the beer that sits below the tap? Is that what you would consider a trub bottle? Or does the rest of it just get tossed?
  9. According to the Mr.B videos on the site all the one step leaves behind is "trace minerals like calcium or sodium". No wacky sanitizing chemicals or anything that will actually cause harm.
  10. Shopko hardly ever runs out of them. At least in utah anyways. Could just be the state. Has anyone ever been id for refills? Some places id for the kit but not the refills.
  11. So heres a nifty idea that I thought up if you live in a state where there is a Shopko: As some of you know Shopko ( and plenty other retailers i'm sure) sells the 3 pack of mix refills for the regular price of $29.99. Well In the middle of December (December 19th I believe but don't quote me on it) those refills (American series and International series packs) go on sale for half off $14.99. So you could buy two of the 3 packs of mixes for just over $30. Thats 3 all malt recipes. Not bad considering Each premium refill is 19.95$ from the website. I'm sure it will be the same at other retailers as well. :cheers:
  12. Yeah it seems like it would work but Im not sure. No one seems to know the answer. haha.
  13. So I was wondering if something like thiswould work to carbonate beer? It's a carbonator with a Co2 tank for carbonating soda.
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