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  1. thanks guys, i think i going to hold off another brew cycle on the hops and read a bit more. I'm going to do different yeast instead. Thanks to every one for there answers and help. long live the borg!!!!
  2. Gymrat wrote: First off a boil is 212 F at sea level. You are thinking about steeping them and that is for grains. Also you need to be thinking in terms of half ounces rather than pounds for Mr beer size batches. Next 50 to 60 minutes gives you bittering. 20 to 40 minutes gives you flavoring, and 15 or lessen is primarily for aroma. i didn't even think of that for the boil temps. thank you for explaining the difference to me about the boil time. I don't know where confused myself at with all this.
  3. So im getting ready to put in my next order of mr beer and decided to up my game with using some hops. here is what i have planned-- Jefferson's ale with palisades hop- boiling the hops for 30 minutes from 150-160 degrees German hefewiezen with Perle hops- same boil time and degrees now what I'm confused about is the boil time and how much i should use. Some say 30 minutes for boil, some 60 minutes. some say 1/2 pound and some say 1 pound (im not really into the hoppy beers like ipa's). Am i even in the right ball park with these choices or what? any help would be great!! thanks guys.
  4. little update, sorry i only brew about every 4 month or so and have been out of the country for a while. I lowered the fermentation temp to 58-60 degrees and tried the cooler with the frozen 2 liter bottle thing and brewed a st. patricks day stout and it turned out great. i have the whispering wheat with the unhopped malt golden wheat that will be out in a few days. I thinking it was just high fermentation temps that was giving me the off flavors. Anyone new to brewing i highly recommend the cooler and frozen two litter bottle. Thanks for all your helps guys!!!!
  5. packerduf wrote: I'm with Oly on the ferment temps. What was the temp when you pitched the yeast? 60-65 degrees. Think it needs to be cooler?
  6. TMed wrote: Rdwhahb... I pulled the plug two but wont order until may. I'm exicit3d to step up. It will come with a 90 min video to calm your nerves. How big is your sink? just fill it with ice for a wort chiller. oh man the video, i went on www.thepiratebay.org and search home brewing and it came up with (what i think) is the Midwests dvd. i downloaded it for educational purposes only and the two guys that host this are boring as.... Its like someone telling you about how paint dries while watching paint dry. Had some good info, just took me two days to watch the whole dvd.
  7. i have done it with every batch i have made. I cold crash it for 5-7 days then bottle it and let it set on the shelf for about 2 weeks (room temp). takes about a week or so for the bottles to start firming and by the end of the two weeks they are rock solid. At least that is what works for me, not saying its right but thats how i do it.
  8. mxstar21 wrote: Spike74 wrote: mxstar21 wrote: Spike74 wrote: Lawrence Kansas WOW! I am from De Soto, KS. Living in Waianae, HI now. i kinda figured you were from around here with your chiefs avatar. there really isn't a chiefs fan out there that's not from around here. lol There are a few of us. Occasionally see some people in Chiefs gear or a sticker on a car. Actually saw one today. How is Free State Brewery these days? Was my main hangout during college. Haven't been there in probably 6 or 7 years. beers still good, foods a little more for the foodies, i'm more of a pizza or a greasy burger guy. We also have 23rd street brewery (in front of the hyvee on 23rd and kasold) that does all there brewing in house and has a great oat mill stout and irish ale. And we are suppose to be getting a new brew house where old chicago was. I don't know the name but my wife was telling me about it.
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