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  1. Thanks a lot guys. Heading to the LHBS tonight. Hope they have some of your suggestions. Thanks again.
  2. Can someone please suggest a good yeast for a Witbier style brew? Haven't made many and don't really want to use fromunda yeast. Thanks.
  3. Squatting down onto a bucket full of One Step for 10 minutes or so, should work.
  4. I made the Bill's Brew as is. No additives like fruit, and everyone so far has loved it. Not sure how it would taste with Strawberries. Give it a shot.
  5. tywinter wrote: beebee381 wrote: Bill's Brew is a good batch to make. Very good session brew. Nice summer batch. All my friends that normally like Bud Light and such, really liked it. Easy to brew up too. Just my 2 cents worth. What is Bill's Brew? If you go to the Main MrBeer website and look at the recipes. You will find Bill's Brew. Basically Classic American Blonde Ale, Williamette Hops, and some honey. Simple and nice.
  6. Bill's Brew is a good batch to make. Very good session brew. Nice summer batch. All my friends that normally like Bud Light and such, really liked it. Easy to brew up too. Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. Sounds like a super brew. The 1st one is always an exciting moment. Congrats on having patience.
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys. I always drink from my pilsner glasses. I'll have to try a few different types and see if that makes a difference. I have some sweet beer mugs I've been meaning to try. I still think it's a temperature problem. Oh well the beer still tastes great. Thats what really matters I guess.
  9. I'm using 12 oz bottles. I'm beginning to think the fridge is a bit too cold. SWMBO loves to keep it colder than I would, almost freezing. I'm going to try putting a few in for a short time and try them or maybe put some in the garage. It's starting to warm a bit here in Michigan. I don't really like beer super cold anyway.
  10. I recently brewed up the Witty Monk beer. The taste is great. I noticed after chilling in the fridge for 3 days the head retention was fairly nice with great carb and taste. But after a week or so it doesn't seem to have as good a head retention. The carb and taste is still good though. Do you think the cold of the fridge could cause this? I carbed with honey by the way.
  11. I've done quite a few batches using the sanitize option on the dishwasher. I do them just before bottling and they come out pretty hot. I haven't used an extra santizer on them yet. No issues with this method yet either. But if you want to be extra careful I guess you could use one-step too. I run the bottles through a wash cycle (without soap) and use the extra heat and sanitize cycle. I wash the bottles good with Oxiclean 1st.
  12. Screwey I swear you do things just to make me jealous. All your pic's and invention's are awesome. That tap is sweet.
  13. rhillestad wrote: I have had a batch of Witty Monk in the fermenter now for 19 days, with the temperature on the keg reading a consistant 66 degrees. I have checked the SG for the last three days and it has not moved from 1.012. Can I bottle this? I have only bottled five batches, but I have never had anything with a FG higher than 1.006. Naturally, this is the first beer I have brewed that I forgot to take the OG so I don't know that. I pitched the 2 packets of Mr. Beer yeast that came with it at 70 degrees. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. I think you will really like the Witty Monk. I'm drinking a pilsner glass full right now. Great tasting brew. I'll make it again for sure.
  14. Hey dave when you do your next batch maybe you can take some pic's of the process. I know several other's have done it, but I still enjoy viewing them all. Sounds like a great batch you made.
  15. I always ask my better half, "Does this feel swollen to you?"
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