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    Dutch Apple

    Well...the wife doesn't want a cider, just an apple beer. She has been hitting me up for a fruity beer since she got me the kit! Croz..
  2. Croz

    Dutch Apple

    So, I am about to brew my Fourth batch, Dutch Apple. A pretty straight forward MR. B recipe. Before I do, I was just wondering if anybody has any advice on this one? Such as, a certain brand or apple juice to use to make it come out better, etc. This one is for the wife (her request), so I want to make it something she will enjoy! Thanks in advance for the advice... Croz...
  3. Hampton, Virginia..soon to be Yorktown, Virginia in about 3 weeks! Croz...
  4. Congratz..welcome to the Borg! You've made beer! Croz..
  5. Very nice..looks good! Croz..
  6. Here is a little beer porn..poured this today to test. It's really smooth. Even the wife likes it! She says it taste better than any "craft beer" from the store!!! Croz...
  7. Well I made some homemade labels and affixed them to the bottles.... Croz...
  8. So...when I bottled I bottled a 10 oz "test bottle". I poured that tonight, my "first poured" I guess you could say. Although it has a big head first, it died quickly. Didn't taste too bad, still a little flat, but I guess that is due to the fact it needs more time to carb. Also just to be sure it was a "green beer" the test bottle was a small sprite bottle! First Poured...(The purple thing is an ice cube..lol)
  9. ...and it's in the bottles! 2 more weeks until my "first poured"! Croz...
  10. So..took a small sample taste today (1 week into fementation). Sure smelled and tasted like beer. It doesn't taste sweet at all, but I am going to give it another week in the keg. That would be the correct thing to do to comply with 2-2-2 right? Later Croz....
  11. Thanks Yankeedag..did EXACTLY as you instructed me too.. Croz..
  12. So..day 2 of fermenting, how much bubbling should I see on the surface at this point? Brewing the Whispering Wheat, and there are some patches of bubbles but not covered? I know I am worrying too much, but you now how newbie brewies are... Croz...
  13. WHB = WE HAVE BEER! Thanks for the welcome!
  14. Thanks..yeah I have been lurking here for a while. These guys are VERY helpful and make this a fun hobby to be sure. Hopefully, I will become educated and be able to help others at some point!
  15. Hello all; Guess what "Santa" got me for Christmas? Yup a Mr. Beer kit and TWO standard refills! Well today we returned from our holiday vacation and it was brew day. I decided to try the Whispering Wheat for my first brew. Fingers crossed and hoping it allturns out well..
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