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  1. esheppy, Hmm a name I haven't heard in a while.....Good read and the truth. Good find pocketjr and thanks for posting...
  2. I don't worry nothing about sanitation on muslin bags, use them once, PITA on trying to get the old grain out without putting a hole in them or if used for hops all the rinsing. When I use them for grain steeping after done I throw them in the freezer and save the grain for dog biscuits. Come on guys we are talking only .60 for a bag, clean if you want for that but I won't and I'm a cheap ba$terd also. A good nylon bag a different story, as JoshR said a good cleaning and sanitize and they will last a while for re-use
  3. Yes that is a good way, and I have done it when I first switched to glass bottles. But if you did everything right on your priming, and as others have said about keeping the temps up, there is no worry and you will have carb in a few weeks.
  4. IDK for how long a home made beer will keep whether in glass or plastic because they are usually consumed well before a year for me. But I have found beers that got misplaced well over a year and they were damm good. All you new brewers out there, once you get a good pipeline going and find a couple bottles you lost tract of after a long time, you will be a very happy person when you pop them open.
  5. 05 is a cleaner yeast and will bring out the hop flavors a little more and 04 will bring the malt out a little more, both are good. I use 05 more often and ferment it on the low side for a more crisper ale. But it depends on what I'm brewing.
  6. Rick is right, BUT for a few dollars more it's good to pitch 11 g's in a LBK. When splitting a 5 gal. recipe that is the perfect time to learn and compare yeast varieties. Do you need to? No. Will it hurt anything by using two? No, just a few more $'s out of your piggybank. We use to always recommend here on this forum to use at least 2 fromunda pacs (under the lid as supplied). But I'm not familiar with what comes with MB under the lid anymore. Edit: MB supplies a 11g pac with their seasonals for the 2.13 LBK
  7. Star San is good stuff, I use a lot of it. It can be reused and does store for a good amount of time. Beware the first time you use it, there is a lot of foam and the saying goes "don't fear the foam". I always use star san in my fermenters and everything that comes in contact with brewing but I kinda like using one-step better in my bottles because of the foam issue. Star san is a better deal money wise in the long run also.
  8. This is a good site, I have used it. You can print them out yourself.http://www.beerlabelizer.com/
  9. No problem doing that. You might as well get the best bang for the buck and as long as you are doing them back to back.
  10. I can't say how long you could age in a PET, but I do know around a year is no problem because I did some. I use all glass now but have no problem with PET's. The main reason I switched was I didn't always want 1 LT of beer and that's all there was back then on PET's. And you got to admit glass looks and feels a lot better.
  11. I haven't brewed a MB or a HME beer in a long time and this would be a good deal. I think I'll freshen it up with a 1/4 lb carpils steep and as BDawg62 said above let it sit in the bottles until late fall or so. I was always a fan of the MB Seasonals and use to brew them all as soon as they were released.
  12. Because who ever said that is screwing with you and wants to see you suffer and see you wait before having one............No not really, Home brew will settle and clear under cold conditions, but if that matters to you? I drink most of mine a cellar temp. I sometimes only put them in the fridg for a few hrs. They will settle out better in a few days if left there though.....
  13. No you don't have too, you can ferment most any @2 gal. beer in the lbk, its a 2.5 fermentation vessel. I personally would use MB refills and recipes when you first get going (what I did). You can make some really good beer while learning the process. Learn to add some steeping grains to the MB and it gets even better. Maybe some DME or LME and a hop boil and you are on your way. I still use LBK's
  14. You will find if brewed at the right temp. range 34/70 will come out a cleaner lager. Fromunda will be a ale, both can be good beer, but if you are looking for a lager and take the extra effort to brew it right it will be better. Fromunda yeast(under the lid) is ale yeast and is top fermenting, lager yeast is bottom fermenting. My favorite recommendation is to use us-05 ale yeast fermented on the low side for a clean lager like beer.
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