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  1. Swen, how long did you carb/condition yours? I have mine bottled for a week, I added little sugar for a minor carbonation. Put a tester in the fridge tonight to try on Friday, it'll be almost 70 here and summer fever will be in full effect, figured better time than ever. Is there any "conditioning" going on?
  2. having beer and having good beer are two different things.
  3. I'll give it a shot, thanks man.
  4. Nice let us know how it turns out. To date, a simpler version of this is the best batch I've done. Btw, how do you "cut n paste" from Qbrew?
  5. Gods country brewer wrote: Things happen for a reason, maybe there will be items on clearance or sale the next time you make it to your LHBS ! That's true, later that week I went to another LHBS that I've been wanting to get to, they are now my preferred LHBS, great staff and more stuff than I'll ever know what to do with. I'll still check that other place out when I'm back in the area.
  6. That sucks. Last week I was in an area about 45 miles away for work, and it happens to have a LHBS that I've been wanting to go to. Finished my work, pulled up to the store. Grabbed my phone, my ingredients list, my keys, and my wal....wait, no wallet, left it at home. Bitter. Didn't bother going in, don't want that tease.
  7. I stumbled on Screwybrewer's article /how-to on yeast harvesting. Anyone tried yeast harvesting, either screwy's way or by another process? Is the harvested yeast used in addition to a packaged yeast? How'd your beer turn out, tell any difference in a beer pitched with harvested yeast? I got a few fermenters going @ a time and will be doing a 5 gallon batch within the next few weeks, figured the 5 gallon one would be the easiest to harvest. Any info is appreciated as always.
  8. The batches I've done have been all LME's, some with hop boils, some with fruit. I get maybe 1/8" at most. I will be doing a partial mash witbeir kit in the next few days, definitely stepping into some new territory for me. What is the conditioner?
  9. Done chuckling? Good. I have brewed between 5-10 batches and all have had minimal head, nothing like some of the pics I've seen posted here. I really only care about the taste but I do want to learn about this aspect of the process. Is this a result of low carbonation or does it have to do with the ingredients used? Or both? I've been happy with the carbonation levels on the majority of my batches.
  10. That is crazy that you posted this, I meant to go by an organic market near me that has quite a craft beer selection and when I go I wanted to check to see if they had any grain-type ingredients, particularly extracts. Interested in what the verdict will be.
  11. linguini wrote: A woman who likes the smell of cooking wort AND likes beer!? Monster-NO Jackpot-YES My wife and 3 daughters run out of the house gagging when I'm brewing because "it stinks".....what is with some people. I hear ya linguini, I try to brew when I know my wife won't be around, she says it makes her nauseous. Particularly when doin a hop boil, never done grain. Unfortunately for her, I plane to do a 5 gallon witbier on Sunday with partial mash (does that smell, I would assume so) and hop boil for 50-some minutes. Go have a spa-day, sweetheart, there's beer to be brewed!
  12. Welcome, Bassman, this is a good place to be.
  13. FYI, watermelon is 90-95% water, take that into consideration. I've never used flavor extract (yet), but I certainly wouldn't think it cheating in any way. I mean, not for nothing, but you are using malt extract, and that ain't cheating. At the end of the day, if your sitting there with a watermelon beer that tastes good (and your wife likes it, bonus), who cares how you got there. Please keep us posted how this progresses.
  14. ikaiaka, gotta pic? sounds pretty cool.
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