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  1. This is why i love this forum. I asked a question and got the answers. Thanks guys!
  2. Well I intend to get the bigger bucket, but I have everything I need to start, so I was hoping this carboy would be enough. I've used a secondary on some smaller batches, and really didn't notice much difference so I'm impatiently trying to decide whether to wait for the bucket.
  3. I have received a carboy recently. Filling it with water revealed that it holds 5 gallons with a half gallon of extra space. Obviously this will work for secondary fermentation with my bubbler airlock, but will this be enough space for primary fermentation? I have no problem swapping the airlock for a blow off tube. PLEASE HELP! I'm ready to start a 5 gallon batch!
  4. I know this is late, but I figured I'd post the results. The granulated fructose worked, but it was disappointing. The carb is good, but more like a soda than a beer. The bubbles are surprisingly large, and the head dissipates much like a Coke. It also made the beer a little sweeter than cane sugar.
  5. I've recently come across some Cornsweet fructose granules. It's pretty sweet, and an extremely fine powder. Has anyone used anything like this before? I'm interested in using this for priming, but I don't want any bombs or a complete lack of carbonation. Please help!
  6. Well it's been in the bottle for 3 weeks, and only one word can describe it. Fantastic. Just a little sweet, with a surprising maple finish. I'm definitely going to make this one agaon, and I can't wait ro get some feedback from some friends.
  7. Well I am relieved. It turned out great. It needs more time to condition, but I already knew that and got impatient. Slight hint of maple still left, but great feel overall. Now if I can just leave it alone for another week or two I tjonk i'll be able to decide if I should make it again.
  8. Well it tasted great right before bottling, and i'm actually getting ready to try one. The maple flavor was gone, but it definitely tasted different than the one I did previously by the book. I'll let everyone know the outcome
  9. The beer also had a "skin" on top almost like soup gets when it cools. Oh well,it's in bottles now. And it tasted REALLY good
  10. So as I was preparing to bottle I noticed what appeared to be mold floating on the surface of,the beer in the fermenter. I tasted it and decided since it tasted good I'd bottle anyway being careful to leave the mold undisturbed. Upon finishing and cleaning up I noticed that the "mold" had the same color and consistency as the sediment in the bottom. Is it,possible some yeast got trapped on the surface and caused this? Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  11. I'll be moving at the end of the month, so I doubt I'm hoping it will be drinkable by then
  12. I just put it in the tank, so it'll be a while before I know the outcome. I did taste the wort, and I get the feeling it will either be REALLY good or REALLY bad. I'll be sure to post the results
  13. I decided to ruin a perfectly good beer. I decided to add some maple syrup to a batch of Canadian Draft (figured Canadian was the way to go for this). I added about 2/3 cup to the boil. I'll find out just in time for the moving party if this was a mistake!
  14. Well it seems honey priming was a success. Think I'll be using that method again soon.
  15. Brunswick, GA Dead center of the Georgia coast
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