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  1. I bought the wand with an upgraded spigot, so it's whatever they were including 3 years ago. It is definitely a better spigot than the original one. I guess these wands are popular for a reason, so I'll try to find some tubing and see if it works better on the next go round. Thanks for your insight.
  2. No. I'm almost certain that no such piece of tubing was included with my wand. Of course, I bought it about 3 years ago and used it only once shortly after receipt, so my memory may be fuzzy. Nor is it in the drawer where I've been storing all such supplies - original spigot, hydrometer, thermometer, bottling wand, etc.
  3. Good point. I guess my other thought, which I haven't mentioned, is that I didn't sterilize the wand. Going forward, I think it will be easier to sterilize a flexible piece of tubing - I could just submerge in one of the sterilizing bottles - than a rigid wand.
  4. I noticed that piece on the Mr Beer site while looking for instructions. Unfortunately, it is missing and I don't remember receiving it with my wand. I guess that I'll have to find a piece of tubing that fits. While I'm at it, I'll probably just get a longer piece if tubing and use it without the wand. Thanks for your insight.
  5. Well, after a 3 week fermentation of my old recipe Bewitched Red Ale, yesterday was bottling day. I have a spigot and wand assembly from my first Mr Beer go-round, I didn't remember the details of use, but figured how complicated could it be. I pressed it up into the spout, turned the spigot on and the wand filled with beer, waiting on my activation of the spring-loaded opening. I filled the first bottle and lowered the bottle to stop the flow. What's this? Beer is still flowing out, now onto the floor. Seems the wand disassembled from the spigot along with the bottle when the bottle was lowered. I only lost a few ounces of beer, but after filling a few bottles with and without the wand, I believe that, unless I'm using the wand incorrectly, it's more trouble than it's worth. Anybody know of any precautions to ensure the wand stays in the spigot?
  6. Thanks for the replies. I knew that I left something off the original post. Thanks to information I read in another thread by RickBeer, thanks for repeating it here, I realized that the yeast included with the HME was likely no good and ordered new yeast - 7 g DIY Beer Coopers.
  7. After 2 brews with mixed results back in 2010, I stumbled across my Mr Beer kit and decided to give it another run. I still had 4 cans of the old recipe HME - 2 Bewitched Red Ale and 1 each of West Coast Pale Ale and Englishman's Brown Ale. All of these have expiration dates of May or August 2013. I also had 3 bags of Booster; 2 are hard as a rock and 1 was hard, but kind of mushy. Given my mixed results during the first few times around, I figured that I should work on my technique with these supplies before using some new items I ordered. So, I just brewed 1 of the Bewitched Red Ale using the mushy bag of Booster. Nothing remarkable regarding the HME, but it took close to an hour for the Booster to dissolve in warm water. I also have a 2nd LBK and my original plan was to brew the WCPA with one of the hard bags of Booster next weekend. Now, I think that I may go ahead and drop the Booster and, instead, experiment by adding some Briess Liquid Malt Extract - Traditional Dark that I just picked up. I understand the suggestion of brewing straight recipes initially, but since the WCPA old recipe isn't repeatable, nor is it among my favorites, my thought is to get some experience with the extract. Thoughts?
  8. This may be late advice, but if Amazon is the seller you're probably okay. Unfortunately, I purchased on Amazon from a reseller and had to wait a week or so until the reseller's inventory was replenished. While waiting, I found a kit at a local Academy; now, I have 2 kits.
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