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  1. I don't want the "new" spigot either. I held off a while back on buying two more LBKs because the spigots were not available at the time. The previous locking spigots are available on eBay for about $4. Search for Tomlinson spigot.
  2. I have only bottled in the 12 oz variety. As far as the investment goes, not much at all. Two cases of OLD Bud long necks in original cases. Had three, but in sortng/cleaning it was pared down to two. I then got 6 cases of the commerical variety for $18. All were purchased from advertising in the "Items Wanted" on Craigslist. I find the 12 oz quantity generally sufficient.
  3. Midwest Supplies carries Liqueur kits. They are resonably priced and don't take a lot of time. Along with that you can get cheese kits. You can make 14oz of Mozzarella in 30 minutes. I'm on my third batch, along with a batch of Mascarpone.
  4. Without a bottling wand the process is more difficult. You either have to bottle from the spigot - not preferred because it is too easy to areate. You could purchase food grade tubing to fit the spigot and fill that way. I have no experience with the tubing, I have always used the wand. If you have a LHBS close they would be able to set you up with a good system and it should only cost a few dollars. Are you using the spigot that came with the LBK? Maybe someone has some pics and specs for a tubing set up.
  5. +1 to above. Cold crashing is an option if the trub does not move to the back. Whatever you do, do NOT move the trub with a spoon, etc. I have started proping up the front from the very start.
  6. First of all, Welcome to MB and the Forum! Without knowing the HME and hops used, would be unable to verify your calculations. Remember that you also have to plug in the MB HME in to the hop schedule for a 5 min boil. I would back off the water volume for boil to 1 quart. Will make it easier to get to the right pitching temp after adding water to the wort in the LBK. A 2 min boil won't get you much at all in the aroma area. At 7 you will get the max aroma. Of course that is depending if you wanted the full utilization for aroma . All in all souds like you have things well thought out. Good luck!
  7. I have the 1776 on my list to do this spring and ready for the 4th. I haven't decided it I will tweak it or not. But FWIW, I would brew a few recipes as is until I went experimenting. You just might find that you love it just the way it is. If not, tweak next time. I picked it as one to do because I liked the review and description.
  8. First of all, Welcome to MB and the Forum! If I were going to venture away from the MB process I might try Midwest Supplies, Northern Brewers, The Beer Essentials or a number of others and purchase one of the 5 gal kits they offer. Or if I had a LHBS close, that would be my preference. Always better when you can make a personal contact, customer service is generally better than cross country. Just a few suggestions I am venturing into AG and love what I get from my LHBS ... The Beer Essentials.
  9. Did you mean the MB 1776 recipe?
  10. If the hop sack went into the boil, probably no problem at all. If into the cold wort, you will have to wait and see, but generally no issue.
  11. First of all, Welcome to MB and the Forum! Generally, a cidery taste is due incomplete conditioning and most generally caused by too much sugar. Was the beer sweet when you sampled at bottling time or like plain old flat beer? If you post your recipe, how long did you ferment and at what temp, how long did you carb and condition before you put one in the fridge and popped the top, we would be better able to assist.
  12. Congrats and Welcome to MB and the Forum. Just a couple of points for your next batch. Your temps are running towards the high side, though they are OK. Better to be in the low to mid 60s. Brew times. We generally recommend, regardless of MB in a week, the following times: Basic Refills (1 can) 2 weeks ferment 2 weeks carb 2 weeks conditioning 3 days in the fridge Deluxe and above 2-3 weeks ferment 2 weeks carb 3 weeks to several months conditioning Read the stickies at the top of the New Brewer Forum for lots of great information. Patience turns good beer into GREAT beer! Again, Welcome!
  13. The Fromunda is OK, but doesn't add much to the style if anything at all. If you have a LHBS that is close, go and get suggestions from them. If you like wheat, I would recommend WB-06. Below are a couple of links for yeast profiles. Lager Profile Ale Profile Morebeer.com offers some great prices on yeast.
  14. Are these the "self capping" you are referring to? Screw Top PET
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