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  1. So I bottled the Cherry Wheat and this is what I learned. 1) Adding the cherries to the fermenter with 1 week to go for fermentation worked great. 2) Try putting the cherries in a muslin sack to contain the cherries. The last few bottles had a lot of cherry particles and was clogging the spigot and the bottling wand. As for taste, it tasted like a lighter wheat beer and had a slight redish/pinkish color to it but still had a nice yellow hue to it. I was expecting a stronger wheat taste to it using Mr. Beer Whispering Wheat, but I am comparing this beer to my Honey Wheat. In that beer I added 1 lb of Wheat DME and 1 can of blonde ale with cascade hops. I think that I will like the cherry wheat but now I have seen two different ways to brew a wheat beer; lighter wheat taste or a bolder wheat taste. It's really nice to know that I can do both.
  2. So I am currently fermenting a Cherry Wheat. It consists of the Whispering Wheat HME and 1 Booster. I let that ferment for two weeks and was beginning to look quite clear. With one more week to go in the fermenter, I pureed 1 can of tart cherries in water (making sure everything was sanitized), and added it to the fermenter quickly. It had a nice krausen that lasted about 3 days and is just now reducing down and beginning to clear up once again. I plan to put this in my celler("Cold Crashing @ 58*F, not so cold in the spring/summer)for a few to do let it clear up before bottling. Will let everyone know how it tastes at bottling. P.S. I made a Honey Wheat and tasted it after 3-2-3; it tasted great. Can't wait to try this on a hot summer day.
  3. I too have done both and achieved similar results. One suggestion that I just started doing (as I learned it from here) is to put a cd case or something underneath the front of the fermentor to keep the trub away from your spigot. I just did a cherry wheat and it worked out good.
  4. A recommendation would be to put your fermentor in a pan filled with water, which it sounds like you already did, and possibly put a wet t-shirt over the top. The water will absorb the water an displace it through the t-shirt and will cool your fermentor, or at least keep in consistent. Another tip is to put this whole contraption into a cooler. I have found that when you put the fermentor into a cooler, it keeps temp consistent, and also contains the fumes/smells/scents....lol that the fermentor my discharge..ha ha Hope this helps.
  5. Welcome to the club/borg. Sounds like your on your way to making some brew. I saw the same results with my WCPA when I first made it. Some brews tend to not be as active when fermenting. You will soon see how addicting this hobby can be.
  6. In essence yes. It has only a .001 fermentation. But I think that even with the temp difference that I took the hydrometer test with it doesn't make sense. When I took the sample, the carbonation on the glasses were well present. I tested the OG a few times and it did seem to move a little but not much more than the .001 I know that people have used the concentrates before in lemonade and limeade and they have not had any issues with them.
  7. So I decided to make a hard lemonade and I went to the brew store to see what kind of recipe that they would recommend for 5 gallons. This is what they came up with: 10 Lemonade Concentrates (Corn Syrup) 3lbs of Corn Sugar 1 package of moncharet wine yeast Red Star They recommended this wine yeast due to the higher alcohol content. Between 5-9%. This yeast has the capacity to go up to 12% they said. So I put the concentrate in the fermenter, boiled up about a half gallon of water, dissolved the corn sugar, then added it to the fermenter. Topped off with water to the 5 gallon mark, OG 1.071 Checked the temp, 75 degrees, then pitched the yeast and stirred. When I pitched the yeast, I did notice that the yeast was clumpping together. I have seen this in the past so I didn't worry. So after almost 2 weeks in the fermentor, I decided to taste test it and check the gravity and game up with 1.070. I do say that it tastes great!!! It had decent carbination but could not understand why the gravity seemed like it didn't change. So I have sugary lemonade that is partially carbinated. ha ha Any suggestions? (I'm thinking of repitching some yeast)
  8. I brewed the leprechaun lager and I let mine ferment for 3 weeks. I am wondering that you might have stirred up the trub at the bottom and that is what you are seeing in your sample. This was my favorite beer to date. I would give it more time and see if it settles. Another trick that I did was to put the fermentor in a cooler air for a few days (2 Days) before bottling. I have a cellar that gets down to 40. This sometimes will clear out beer. It might put the yeast to sleep but when you move it back into the warmer, proper fementer temps, the yeast will reactivate and carb your bottles. Happy Brewing!
  9. I also have only done the WCPA as a standard recipe. I tried it after 4 weeks in the bottle and thought it was ok. Then after 8 weeks in the bottle, it tasted great. Time really did help out on this one. As of would I brew it again? Probably not. I really enjoy the more advanced kits with the UME. But by far, my favorite brew is the Leprechaun Lager. Tasted great out of the fermentor. It had a nice hop aroma and the hop taste was a slight flowery flavor which tasted great and was consistent throughout. Happy Brewing!
  10. Sam Adams have always been good. Given me a good seal and the lables aren't too bad to get off. Sierra bottles are good too. I have also used Micholob Light - Not Ultra (Micholob Premium Beers) bottles and their lables came of really easy. I have also used some local brewery bottles but I found out that they tend to you stickers verses labels. So trying to get the "label" off can be quite challeging. Happy Brewing.
  11. So tonight I am brewing the Blonde Bombshell brew and I saw that it includes a cup of honey. I know that this has been discussed before about having a honey taste to a beer and when it is added. Ingredients: 1 Can Classic American Blonde Ale HME 1 Can Golden Wheat UME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 1 Packet Cascade Pellet Hops 1 Cup Honey I was planning to boil the UME (read some where not to boil the HME?) with the hops for about 20 minutes. I did this on my last brew and when I bottled it, it tasted great. My question would be, when should I add the honey? Before the boil? or after the boil? Also, if I would like a bit more of honey flavor to it, by adding 2-3 ounces of honey to the fermentor after 2 weeks (3 weeks of total fernmenting) would this add to the honey flavor level. I think that by adding this smaller amount, it wouldn't throw off the balance of sugars too much. Happy Brewing!
  12. Another thing that I would do is talk to the people at the brewshop. Tell them what your brewing and they might give you some good advice too. They could recommend something or even remind you that your grain wasn't cracked....Just think of it as a learning experience.
  13. With the temperature fluctuations, I agree with everyone else on the three week wait. I have done all of my brews on the 3 week fermentation and have yet to have an issue.
  14. Agreed. All of the kits that I have used, the grain was already cracked and was ready to go. So if it was in a sealed package, your probably ok. If you got it out of a bin from the store....well then your beer will be interesting. Hope it turns out ok.
  15. I recently bottled my Angry Leprechaun Lager and I ended up with 22 12oz bottles and 1 20ish oz plastic bottle. The one plastic bottle is a great trick for checking the carb on the beer. I ended up filling the fermentor up to the Q mark on the keg. Really didn't have too much leftover which was a good thing. When your using the bottling wand, you will start to see the air bubbles for when the fermentor is getting low. That means time to tip it. And for the bottle priming; I ended up buying the sugar measuring tool. I works out great and is easy to use. Funnels are good for a lot of things. Definately keep them around.
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