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  1. That's the plan ! I have a "containment" vessel, so no worries there. I want to add a chinook hop boil to the CAL with the Pale export. I need input on exactly how to do the boil, I have done a couple in the past but did not get the results I anticipated. I know I can't just throw the hops into plain water and boil them, what is the right way to do a boil with extracts ?
  2. Has anyone combined the new Cooper's HME with the old Mr. Beer UME's ? I have an St. Patrick's Irish Stout, American Ale and Classic American Light and a couple of leftovers. One each of the Pale Export and Mellow Amber. I'm pretty sure which ones will work together, but an interested if anyone has tried this and what the outcome was. :chug:
  3. I'm currently drinnking a Swen's lemonade that I brewed last summer. It's better now than last summer even after spending several months in the fridge. I will make another batch very soon to be sure I have plenty for the upcoming hot weather. I would suggest you give it a try. :chug:
  4. No stirring or a slow careful stir when adding ingredients after fermentation has started. You do not want to aeriate your brew once the process has started.
  5. Forgot to take the OG, can you advise on what I should expect FG to be ? Two weeks in the LBK , currently 1.014 Thanks !!
  6. Sam mostly, just picked up the Harvest Collection. Bonfire is an interesting brew, I think I like it. Had a Pumpkin Ale earlier, was okay. Going to save the Octoberfest for later this evening with dinner.
  7. I've got a VooDoo kit ready to go. Going to watch this thread for a day or two to see what other variants might turn up.
  8. watching and learning from this thread. I have Black Tower ready to brew. I'm going to call it "Tower Of Power". It's going to have to have some "soul" to live up to the name.
  9. Update on the Voodoo Magic? It is in my latest order and am curious to here your opinion.
  10. Brewed up a version of Swen's lemonade today as I was watching it rain outside. I did not use lactose or xylitol, opting for a product called Smoky Mountain Sweetner. We shall see how it turns out. The original gravity was 1.090 and it tastes great as is. Hopefully it will be ready sometime in mid to late August whenit is really hot and humid here in SC. :drinking:
  11. I have a big ole, beat up, handle missing,red and white Igloo Legend 52. It ain't pretty but it works just fine.
  12. Bottled the Strawberry Blonde Wheat today after 18 days in the fermenter. Fermented between 60-65 degrees. Original Gravity 1.054, final 1.010. ABV 5.7 Has a subtle strawberry aroma and a little less strawberry flavor with little bitterness. Wifey will like that. Added 4 ml strawberry extract to each bottle to ramp up the flavor. Placed bottles in a cooler, just in case, for 4 weeks conditioning. Don't want pink beer all over the place. JBags, I haven't done a hop boil before and did not want any bitterness for the wife's sack so, I chose the dry hop this batch. Next batch is going to be the Mr Beer root beer kit for our 15 year old son. Beyond that I have Golden Honey Wheat ingredients and some cascade hops leftover (will boil this time) from the strawberry batch. Also threw six each of my Come Here Honey and Nut Brown Coffee Ale in the fridge today after four weeks of conditioning. Testers along the way bring hopes of something really nice over the next fews days. All in all it was a very good Sunday ! :barman:
  13. I was torn between adding the strawberry extract to the wort or waiting until bottling. I will taste test at bottling time and add additional extract if necessary. Just a wait and see situation. :chug:
  14. She's a Bud light girl, she doesn't like "bitter".
  15. So I am trying to find a brew that my lovely wife will like. The first four brews produced a "ewww yuck" and a terible facial expression. So I decided on a Strawberry Blonde. This is how I put it together: 1 can Classic American Blonde Ale HME 1 can Mounton's Wheat UME .5 oz Cascade pellet hops 2.0 oz Strawberry Extract 1 Booster Safale US-05 dry ale yeast Stupid me, forgot to take OG prior to pitching. It is currently 1.052. Thanks for the reminder Brian1179. Used standard Mr.Beer brewing instructions while adding the strawberry extract to the wort prior to adding it to the keg. Placed hops in brew via muslin sack after adding the wort to the keg. Keg is now in a cooler with a couple of blocks of ice as temp was 80 degrees when yeast was pitched. Keeping my fingers crossed, both that this recipe will produce a nice beer for summer and that my wife will like it ! :gulp: Peace !
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