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  1. I started off with table sugar but have been using Turbinado sugar lately because it dissolves better. I can't tell any difference in taste. It's available in the baking section of the grocery store, I believe it's a raw cane sugar. I love the idea of Domino Dots though! I'm going to try some. The Coopers priming drops are expensive at my LHBS, considering they're just sugar.
  2. I brewed the MB English Strong Ale three weeks ago and it's been sitting in the fermenter until today. I was out of town last weekend or I would have bottled then. I pulled a sample in a shot glass and was overwhelmed by the yeasty smell! Tastes good, a little sweet with a hint of apple? I went ahead and bottled but could it be I should have left it for a few more days? I couldn't believe the amount of yeast cake on the bottom of the Mr. Beer keg, but it's the 1st time I've used the Safale S-04 yeast, is it normal for S-04 to produce a larger yeast cake than the packets of dry yeast? :dry: Any opinions from the Borg? Did I bottle too soon?
  3. I just bought a hand capper and caps from Mr. Beer. 1st case I bottled I broke two bottles. Found another one cracked later when I went to drink the beer. No carbonation when opening and found the lip of the bottle broken when I inspected it. I'll be capping with more care next time. I am hoping it was my technique and that it will improve.
  4. I've been buying refills at Walmart.com. Three packs are $29 and singles are $9.99 and shipping to your nearest Walmart is free. Pick up at the store in a few days.
  5. Rahr & Sons: Ugly Pug, Texas Red, or if it's in season, Iron Thistle. Iron Thistle is the best Scottish Ale I've ever tasted. Newcastle or Shiner Bock are backups if Rahr & Sons cannot be located. Even in the Fort Worth area where the brewery is they can be hard to find.
  6. Patience is the hardest part of this hobby! :dry:
  7. Thanks to all for the advise. I'll try the UME instead of two HME's, I'm not a Hop Head! Much prefer the maltier beers.
  8. I want to try the Bewitched Red Ale next. Love the premium beers though, could I buy two cans of the Red HME and forget the booster? Would there be a distinct taste advantage? Anybody tried this?
  9. My Mr. Beer fermentor keg had a plastic smell to it but a 24 hour soak with Oxyclean took care of it. Smell is completely neutral now.
  10. Thanks to one and all for the advice! I think for now, just brewed my 3rd batch (High Country Canadian) I won't worry about the hydrometer for now.
  11. I just ordered the International variety 3 pack from Walmart.com for $29 and they ship to your local Walmart freight free for pickup. They email you when it's ready to be picked up. They carry several other Mr. Beer refill kits.
  12. So I obtained a hydrometer but am wondering about it's use with such a small batch. Is there enough extra wort in the Mr. Beer fermenter to pull an initial O.G. sample and then a later F.G. sample before bottling? Or am I going to end up with a short bottle? I've read that sometimes Mr. Beer doesn't end up with the advertised ABV and if so, what's the best way to boost it? Add a 1/2 or 1 cup extra corn sugar after the O.G. reading before you let the fermenter do it's thing?
  13. Currently drinking my 1st ever batch, AD IPA. Bottled my 2nd batch last night, Witty Monk Witbier. I'm in the process of saving brown glass bottles and will probably move to those vs. the PET 1 liters when I have gathered enough. I usually drink only 1 beer in the evening and the 1 liter PET bottles are too much. The AD IPA doesn't seem to lose any carb when a half bottle sits in the fridge until the next night though! I ordered the International variety 3 pack refill kit (from Walmart.com, $29 and free shipping to my local store). I'm going to get a 3rd batch in the pipeline as soon as that gets here in a week or two. I'm fortunate to have a 2nd fridge in the utility room so I have lots of room for the pipeline!
  14. I also live in North Texas and yes, temperature is a big concern of mine. We keep the AC at 78 or 80 in the summer. When I brewed my 1st batch I didn't let the wort cool down enough and dumped the yeast in at about 84 or 85 degrees, doesn't seem to have affected a thing. I do think I will be putting the fermentor in a cooler this summer though, great idea! I assume that's a frozen bottle of water in the cooler?
  15. All part of the home brew experience I guess
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