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  1. Congratulations on a successful brew! :cheers: :gulp:
  2. Thanks guys. I'll just leave 'er be. I was just concerned that there was no noticeable smell today after only 4 days. I haven't removed the lid at all, and figured I would not until after bottling and it was time to clean up everything. I was trying to shine the light from one side of the keg to the other to see if there were bubbles or trub, but, wow. It is dark. :laugh: Will
  3. Yeah, I got a bit long-winded there and forgot to mention exactly what is supposed to be brewing in there. The ingredients are: WCPA HME X 1 Creamy Brown UME X 1 Booster X 1 As far as sediment... I cannot see into/through the fermenting keg to tell. Maybe I can use a different light, though the batteries in the MagLite are fresh and it is bright when I use it outside at night to take the dogs out. Anyways, like I said, it will ferment for at least 2 weeks then I'll draw a bit for a taste before bottling.
  4. As the title says. The fermenting smell has all but disappeared. The brew is so dark a strong flashlight does not penetrate across the fermenting keg. When I first brewed up this batch (almost exactly 4 days ago to the hour from this post) I chilled the extra water for a couple of hours in the freezer and it was someplace around 55 degrees by the time the wort was boiling. Put the cold water in the fermenting keg, poured in the wort (after it sat for a few minutes off the stove), filled with more chilled water to the 8.5 line... maybe 1/8th inch above. Whisked and mixed everything really well. Tossed in the yeast that came with the HME. Set timer for 5 minutes and walked away. Came back when timer went off and whisked again to mix. Put the lid on, carried it to the resting spot, placed cold pack on top of fermenting keg and wrapped it in a towel and walked away. After the first day passed I went in to replace the cold pack and had a nice, yeasty fermenting smell. So of course I went in a couple of times since and took a whiff. The smell was there, but not really strong at any time. Today I went in to put a cold pack back on it since it is in the mid-70's here now and there was no smell. I put my nose near the lid and there is a very faint smell, but nothing like I would imagine it should be. I took a MagLite flashlight and the top of the brew has spots of bubbles scattered around the surface and along the edge with one spot about an inch in diameter that has a bubble coming to the surface every couple of seconds. Other than that, nuttin' going on that I can see. :dry: Also, the brew is so dark that I cannot see the MagLite through it shining from one side of the keg to the other... not even a light spot. Does this seem normal to you? Either way I will let it complete a 2 week fermenting cycle before drawing a bit to taste before bottling. Will
  5. packerduf wrote: Just to clarify.... Hops at 50 minutes (bittering) Hops at 20 minutes (flavor) Hops at 10 minutes (aroma) Gotcha. Thank you. :kiss:
  6. Awesome thanks guys. Been out on the road today and this is the first chance I've had to read your replies. Good info for next batch... or the one after.
  7. As I read through the various web sites and the threads here I see the instructions/recipes about boiling hops. :sweat: "Hops type X 50 minutes" "Hops type Y 20 minutes" "Flavor hops type Z 10 minutes" etc... Am I correct in thinking that the earlier adds, the 50 minute, 20 min and so forth, stay in the pot when you add the others later on? Or are you supposed to remove the earlier ones before adding the next type? :S Thanks guys! Will
  8. Thanks YD. That is kinda what I figured. So more like adding coffee to the wort, as opposed to keeping a bit of sourdough dough as a "starter" for your next loaf.
  9. docpd wrote: One of my favorite recipes uses BRA x 2 2 cans Bewitched Red Ale 1 lb light or amber DME 1 cup brown sugar .25 oz Cascade 30 min boil .25 oz Citra 20 min boil .25 oz Williamette 10 min The last time I brewed this I also steeped .25 lb of carapils and .25 lb of crystal 20L for 30 minutes at 150 degrees. If you are not up for steeping grains yet my previous batch was great without the steep This one has an ABV of 7.5% and IBU of 33 Saved that recipe, thanks for sharing! I'm an adventurous sort that is not afraid to jump in so the steeping part "don't skeer me none". Looks delicious, by the way.
  10. Brewsus Yeast wrote: WildWill wrote: yankeedag wrote: Did she look like this? THAT IS HER!!! Hahaha, wow! My LHBS has that same yeast poster that's in the background! WildWill: Is the office that you went to in Northern Tucson? I might take a trip over there when I visit my family there one of these days... Brewsus, yes it is. Easy to find... if you know where to look. You can call and they'll give you directions. Or, you can hit me up and we can make a field trip of it.
  11. I have Mr. Beer here in town about 20 minutes from my house so I can just grab-n-go without waiting for or paying for shipping. I'm wanting to do a nice red so I'm planning my next brew that I should be able to do in about 2 weeks or so. :cheer:
  12. Looking for a fairly strong red ale recipe using the basic ingredients. I was thinking: Bewitched Red Ale X2 Booster X1 Anyone here done one of those? What was it like? Thoughts?
  13. In a couple of threads there is mention, and instructions on, putting soured Guinness Stout in before fermenting. (not to mention some pretty graphic images of soured Stout) It seems to add something to the brew, but how exactly? From some of the posts I gathered that the lacto-whatchamacallits worked some magic during fermentation. But then I read to boil the soured stout for 10 minutes before adding it... If you boil the stout, that should kill any living organism and prevent them from doing anything, yes? Soooo, in my quest for knowledge, and since I am awaiting my first brew to complete fermenting, I wanted to "ask the experts" what their thoughts were on that process. Will
  14. swenocha wrote: ... Oh, and here's Eddie's stout souring... Pretty FREAK NASTY!
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