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  1. I rinse then soak in Oxi, about 3/4 scoop to 2 gallons. AFter a day or 2, most labels come off and some need a little scrubbing. I then use a bottle brush inside, then rinse. I let them dry upside down, usually on a bo9ttle tree. Sanitize on bottling day.
  2. I siphon from the fermenter to the bottling bucket and then start pouring in the water/sugar mix, letting the whirlpool of the siphon tube mix the priming mix in.
  3. GOF wrote: I did notice I had a small drip from the spigot. Cranked it down about another little bit. Now the spigot is sideways. Looks odd but stopped the drip. Gonna have to figure out how to pour sideways come bottling time. :S :side: Get some tubing at a brew shop to put over the spigot to the bottling wand. You might enjoy bottling this way more, since you won't have to lift the bottles. The chunks are clusters of yeast (they have a name but I can't remember). They'll rise when the CO2 lifts them, and fall when it is released.
  4. http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OHfigures/OH2011-Fig06.pdf
  5. 13 minutes after your reply - get outside and look at the moon - seriously, you are in a zone that should see a total lunar eclipse about now, unless the moon passed the horizon already. Oh yeah, good luck on the beer!
  6. I haven't given any away yet, except for being there to pour properly, etc. I thought I might give some proper instructions with the beer. People are a little too rushed, though... most probably wouldn't bother trying to do it right.
  7. Well, I put up 10 of these bottles with my "Sergeant Stout" partial mash. We'll see how they take.
  8. I come into possession of a case of Miller/Coors 16 oz plastic bottled beer every so often. Anybody ever try re-using them for home brew?
  9. It was bottle primed. It was my third batch. I probably put in enough sugar for an entire bottle, though I don't remember. Lucky I didn't put my eye out!
  10. Found a litre swing top of MB Saint Patrick's Irish Stout w/Creamy Brown at the back of my shelf. It was bottled about 32 weeks ago. As I put it in the fridge, I noticed it was only about 60% full - and recalled that I had filled it from the last of the fermentor and decided to just see what it would do at a little over half full. The good news is that it tasted GREAT. When I opened the swing top, the whole assembly blasted off from the bottle, with a HUGE POP and a whoosh of CO2. The assembly narrowly missed my head and dented the ceiling. So, if you ever wondered about carbing half a bottle - NOT the best idea!
  11. I bottled this 5 gallon batch of Midwest's Lawnmower de Saison today after 2 weeks fermenting. FG came in at about 1.018 ( I Guess. I just can't seem to be sure about the hydrometer readings). The beer was very pale and clear and the trub on the bottom was neatly compacted. It seemed most of the floating fluff had stuck above the fluid level during the krausen. I had boiled about 4 gallons and used hop sack for all the additives, so I guess that kept it nice and clear. The smell was fantastic and I loved the taste - the spices were there, but not overpowering. It will be hard to wait 4 weeks for this to condition!
  12. I've done 12 Mr Beer batches, and the funny thing about the Cowboy "lager" was that each bottle had a rather solid mass on the bottom - kind of light colored, and it didn't really float up into the bottle much. Just well settled yeast, I guess. It tasted good, but was bottled a long time before I drank it.
  13. Stevo0083 wrote: Sounds good what is your recipe? (if not already posted). I have an out door burner and turkey fryer pot, cant wait to do a 5gal batch. 8 oz. Cara-20, 8 oz. Unmalted Wheat specialty grains 3.3 lb. Pilsen liquid malt extract 3.3 lb. Wheat liquid malt extract 1 lb. Clear Candi Sugar 60 minutes: 1 oz. US Saaz hops 30 minutes: 1 oz. U.S. Goldings hops 15 minutes: 1/4 tsp. Grains of Paradise, 1 oz. bitter orange peel, 1/2 oz. whole coriander 5 minutes: 1 oz. U.S. Goldings hops Wyeast 3942 activator Not my recipe, but a Midwest Supplies kit.
  14. I cooked up my second 5 gallon batch today, the Lawnmower de Saison from Midwest, using Wyeast 3942 activator. This was my first time cooking outdoors on my new Bayou Classic SQ-14 propane burner. I was amazed how fast it got to steeping temp - I actually overshot it, so I took some water out and added clod water. I steeped the specialty grains in 4 gallons and maintained the temp in the mid 150's. Actually needed barely any flame to keep the temp - turned it off a couple times. Screwed up putting the grains into the sack and spilled some on the patio. I figured it was going to get boiled eventually, so I scooped them up and added to the sack. After I blended in (off heat)the addition of the 2 syrups and the candi sugar, I had another screw up. I turned the burner up all the way, figuring I had time to tend to some other details while the wort came to a boil. Checked on it a few minutes later and found it was boiling over - not too bad, but enough to leave sticky mess on the sides of the pot and the concrete beneath. Lesson learned: Don't abandon my post with this very powerful burner! Everything else seemed to go well. I forgot to cut off the pour of the cooled wort into the fermenter, so took in a lot of the sediment. I think the hydrometer reading was about 1.056, but I have a hard time reading the instrument. I enjoyed my first time using the puffed up Wyeast activator. Pitched at 73 degrees. C'mon beer!
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