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  1. I've used both quite a bit but have settled into dry as my go-to choice mainly bc I'm lazy and it's less work not having to fuss over a starter. Aside from that I know everyone says liquid makes better beer with more nuanced subtle enhancements but I just haven't noticed much of any inference to justify the extra work and greater cost of liquid.
  2. The Johnson Controller has a built in differential setting that you can change to minimize excessive cycling. Trade off for less cycling though is less precise temp control.
  3. With dry lager yeast I have used this schedule with great success: - ferment 1.5 weeks at 52 degrees - D-rest for .5 week - bottle and carb at 52 degrees for two to three weeks (use plastic bottles so you can squeeze them to see how hard they are) - store at room temp or cold store if you like - honestly I've done both ways and cannot tell any difference.
  4. I'm sure there will be folks to disagree but I learned over the course of 10 or so batches of varying lager styles the S-23 does just fine without any drop temp lagering at all. Just watch temp closely during two week fermentation (60-64 works nicely) and after bottling it ages just fine at room temp. Liquid yeast? Whole 'nother discussion...but this is my experience with Saflager dry.
  5. $20 aquarium pump from Walmart and aeration wand from most any LHBS. http://www.williamsbrewing.com/22-AERATION-WAND-P490.aspx
  6. I assume you used standard MrB yeast...? The first amendment to procedures I made as a moderately experienced noob was stop using it and keep a supply of better stuff on hand such as Coopers or Safale. To me beers brewed with the MrB yeast always tasted green no matter how long they aged out.
  7. Snap! Is that a preview of.next Paranormal Activity movie?
  8. Generally best to do a starter with the liquid yeast anyway - does two things. 1. Confirms yeast viability as the liquid are prone to failure particularly in the hot months. 2. Shortens lag time. I know folks say liquid yeast produce better beer but I simply have not noticed any discernible difference so I just opt for reliability, durability, and consistency of dry yeast.
  9. "LorraineMontana" post=389087 said: "jbags" post=389017 said:So Mrs beer, now give us some advice, how do we get our wives interested in this hobby? Mine is repulsed by brewing activities and leaves the house on brew day. Oh goody, I get to be the Dear Abby of the Borg. Well Jbags, I would recommend positive reinforcement. Start with offering your wife a champagne flute of perfectly chilled Beltian White with a diamond ring in the glass. Then, try gifting her with her very own Mr. Beer kit -- with a spa gift certificate stashed inside the LBK and a hundred dollar bill hidden under the canned LME's plastic cap. I guarantee that Mrs. Jbags will begin to take a keen interest in your brewing activities. I just showed her your post - she doesn't understand LBK, LME, etc but certainly gets rings, cash, and spas. Thanks....not!
  10. I finally picked up a corona mill and I'm glad I did. Before that I crushed grains with a small ninja blender but I think it mashed them too much. Just invest in a proper mill. Only about 50 bucks.
  11. Tinkering with qbrew is fun but if you are going to graduate to 5 gallon batches definitely pick up two books: "Clone brews" and it's sequel "Beer Captured." I do nearly all of my brewing from these two excellent recipe books these days.
  12. So Mrs beer, now give us some advice, how do we get our wives interested in this hobby? Mine is repulsed by brewing activities and leaves the house on brew day.
  13. Faster start to fermentation decreases chances of infections taking hold.
  14. I use tap run thru an inline rv campsite filter like this http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/tastepure-kdfcarbon-water-filter/18478. You can get them at Walmart even cheaper. I mostly keg, but when I do bottle I don't use anything smaller than 22 oz., anything smaller is just not worth hassle. 2 liter soda bottles work great. [attachment=14358]image_2013-07-24.jpg[/attachment]
  15. "jack.templin" post=388410 said:It has been conditioning for almost 4 months now, the mattalic taste is still present. Is this batch a "goner"? I have made 3 other batches, Deluxe mixes, same tools, same water, without an issue. I had this same off flavor brewing MB Porter about two years ago. Haven't had it since with any other kits or with extract/AG brewing. I chalked it up to bad HME but if you google porter metallic taste you'll find threads from other sites discussing the same phenomena. I think there is something in the chemistry of porter ingredients that render the style more prone to this off flavor under certain circumstances. I'm no chemist so it's just a wild @zz guess.
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