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  1. Considering this is an IPA, an IPA flavor is what I was looking for. Hops, hops and hops!!! LOL.. Anyway I followed the recipe exactly, as I always do with the Mr Beer recipes. Length of fermentation was exactly 11 days, but I always go a day or two longer even if I have the same hydrometer readings. Temps were stable at around 67 - 69 degrees throughout fermentation. I used corn sugar to prime with, around 1.65 oz or nearly 4 tbsp. I used BeerSmith to get the correct measurement. I just thought it was odd that there is no hop aroma or flavor. Guess I will ride this out a little longer and see what happens. Thanks for the replies.
  2. 2 Weeks ago yesterday I bottled ADIPA and my own stout recipe. A few buddies had stopped by last night so I broke out a bottle of each, just to show off my two recent brews. I know 2 weeks bottled is young but I figured what the hell. Anyway, the stout is fantastic, perfectly carbonated and we were all surprised on how well it tasted. The ADIPA on the other hand is horrible. Definetely carbonated but something isnt right. There is hardly any flavor at all. I dont get it. I used 3 packets of Mr Beer yeast and it fermented nicely, checked with hydrometer. Any ideas on whats up? I know its young but I really expected a hell of a lot more flavor. Is it really just too young? I have to say I'm disappointed. Anyone else have a similiar experience?
  3. definitely be patient and wait. I got the seasonal dark for Christmas this year and brewed it just a few days later. It's now just starting to really taste fantastic.
  4. Since you're batch priming, I'd say next time start with your priming sugar first then rack all of the brew onto it. I don't really see how adding it half way through would make a difference but maybe it really isnt getting mixed completely. Also mayeb you bought a bad batch of caps???
  5. I also use 5 gal and I have 2 Mr Beer Kegs. Great for small batches and experiments...
  6. I just did a stout with whiskey soaked oak chips. Altough I did sanatize mine I wouldnt stress too much. The alcohol should kill anything that would casue any harm.
  7. No harm in letting it sit a little while longer, you actually should at those temps. Did you happen do get yourself a hydrometer?? If not make that your next investment. Definitely one of the easiest ways to tell if fermentation has finished and its time to bottle or not. CHEERS!
  8. Had an extra can of WCPA so I combined that with the Mellow Amber and some Columbus hops. Turned out pretty good. Still could use some more conditioning I think. Just wanted to post the pic. Kinda dark sorry! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. Im plugging this into Beersmith when I get home. That is definitely some good hoppage there. I say go boil 2 gallons. You'll lose somein the boil and the Mr. Beer keg with take 2.5 gallons all day so if you're a little over its just more beer for you.
  10. I too have some issues with carbing with the PET bottles. Another nice thing about glass is its nice to only have to pour 12 oz. It sucks to have to drink a whole PET bottle at once, sometimes
  11. Here's my first, the dark ale winter seasonal. This is after 2 weeks carbed and only one week of conditioning. Still tasted great but a little while longer should do this brew good. I'm actually still waiting for my WCPA to fully carb and I brewed them the same day. Sorry for crappy dark iphone pic.
  12. They are out there. You're better off looking at clone recipes or hitting up your LHBS for 5 gal recipes they've thrown together. Google extract or all-grain beer clones and you'll be looking through websites and recipes all day.
  13. I'll be bottling my first batch of WCPA tonight and my first batch of the seasonal dark ale tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to getting these conditioned!! Hope all goes well with yours!!!
  14. I figured it was all good I was just lookin for some feedback. I've been helping a buddy brew for a few months and just got two Mr. Beers for Christmas so Im on my own now. I have some clones I'm dying to brew. Thanks for the responses!!
  15. Has anyone done a 5 gal batch and divided into 2 Mr. Beer fermentors before? I know they're for 2 gal batches but it looks like another 1/2 gal would fit. I know I could easily get a 6 gallon bucket but I was just interested if anyone had done this successfully?
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