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  1. I did a take on this. Bumped it up to 10%. It was amazing. Best beer to date. Also won 1st place for IPA_DIPA category at the empire cup. I highly recommend giving this a try.
  2. Here's what I think is the official clone recipe. I made this and it was amazing! Won 1st place for flight in Empire Cup HB contest. I'd recommend using a hop spider or bagging the hops. I went commando with all of the hops and lost a good amount of volume with all the slurry. [attachment=8792]1Pliny20the20Elder20clone20PDF.pdf[/attachment]
  3. You can do a starter without a stir plate (using the shaking method of giving it a swirl every time you walk past it), but the cell count you will get will be a good deal less then with a stir plate. Don't remember the source but remember the growth to be 3x larger when using a stir plate over shaking.
  4. Mmm. I can see it now. A salt shaker full of hop dust sitting on the kitchen table. Mashed potatoes and corn on the cob will never be the same! SWMBO is gonna love this!
  5. "Inkleg" post=259648 said:What is everyone doing for dry hopping. Commando or sack? I go commando all the way (boil and dry hop.). When I rack to the bottling bucket I use a sanitized 5 gallon paint strainer in the carboy and stick the auto siphon in after that, basically filtering into the siphon. Since its all submerged there isn't any risk of oxidizing. I've done some heavily hopped recipes (this latest pliny inspired batch has 18 oz http://hopville.com/recipe/1315332/imperial-ipa-recipes/pliny-the-giant ) and never had any problem with hops in the bottle.
  6. "Trollby" post=254195 said:Do you have a LHBS near you? I asked mine and the guyssaid "We sell it, but I don't use it since the water here in town is fine. If your using some other well water maybe test it" So They use the city tap water "Filtered" too, so I do as they do Yeah, got a LHBS. I'll check with them and see if I can track down a few other local brewers to see what they recommend. The muni water is pretty good and tastes good right out of the tsp, but not too sure beyond that.
  7. Anyone use 5.2 pH stabilizer? Last AG batch I did I measured the pH and I think it was a little high. (Used a test strip which was a PITA because all the colors looked so similar!) My efficiency is on the low side and I'm afraid it has something to do with the pH but have heard mixed reviews about the 5.2 stabilizer. Seems like some say its great and others say it doesn't work and makes the beer taste salty. I think it depends on what your starting water is like, but just wondering if anyone here uses it and what your thoughts are.
  8. One last suggestion - you can tilt the LBK (little brown keg) back a bit to get the trub to settle away from the spigot. I use a CD case under the front end of the LBK and it works great. Oh yeah...... WELCOME!
  9. I'm just starting to drink my coffee oatmeal stout. I added two oz course ground Sumatra coffee at flame out and another two oz with a week left in primary. Because I used ground coffee, I filtered when I racked to the bottling bucket (paint strainer around the siphon.) This stout has MASSIVE coffee aroma and flavor. Its at four weeks in the bottle so may still mellow out a bit, but right now that is the predominate flavor. If I did it again, I'd probably use whole beans or maybe crack them up a bit, but probably not ground.
  10. I just had Dogfish Head's new 75 minute IPA last night. The bottle says its bottle conditioned with maple syrup. Mighty tastey brew.
  11. The two ways to up the abv is add malt or add adjuct (sugar, honey, etc.) The CGL is already high in adjunct so i wouldn't add any more at all. Adding more malt will make the beer much better. Do you have a LHBS? If you do grab some dme or lme. If not, brew the recipe as is. Any more sugar just to boost abv will make some seriously cider beer. If you haven't already done so, read through the malt to adjunct ratio thread. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/65050-new-brewers-please-read-malt-to-adjunct-ratios That will tell you everything you need to know!
  12. Looks good. Only thing is the Munich is a base malt that has to be mashed. Maybe swap out for Caramunich. Unless you have a use for the other half of the US05, I'd pich the whole thing. Half would work, but the whole pack may result in a little less stress on the yeast (and 11g doesn't really pose an overpitching risk.)
  13. And no conditioning time required when force carbing. This is the part I don't quite get. I've always followed a strict 4 weeks in the bottle. I know a couple of weeks is to carb but there's also critical conditioning in that time to meld the flavor. Why would conditioning not be neccessay when kegging? Wouldn't it still taste young if you drink right after fermenting?
  14. This would be a good one for the "You know you're a homebrewer when..." Thread. ...When you have a heart attack and a big concern is your fermenting Cowboy golden lager! Glad to hear you're doing good and hope you get well soon!
  15. Sam Adams are pry off. Not too much money and pretty good free beer in them! The labls come off pretty easy too.
  16. Your LHBS has a bin of hops that you can just scoop out and weigh? Strange as I don't think over exposure to air is really good for the hops. Normally hops are not great habitats for bacteria but if they've been sitting out for a while, I may be nervous to just toss them in. Maybe a quick dunk in sanitizer would be a good idea.
  17. You're only at just over a week so give it a little more time. Did you use the same amount of sugar in both batches? How much? Bottle or batch prime?
  18. Experimenting is one of the best things about this hobby. Sometimes the results are amazing, sometimes not so much, but its almost always drinkable! :stout: :chug:
  19. I do all mine in Beer Calculus at www.hopville.com Its a great site for finding other's recipes and clones for pretty much anything. Plus, if you build your recipes there, since its web based you can pull it up anywhere. I often pull it up on my phone to tweak or at the LHBS.
  20. Also, just a heads up. You don't want to stir the beer any time after fermentation starts. You really don't want to disturb it at all, so keep it nice and gentle in moving it and filling the bottles. Cheers!
  21. The chart below shows what youre getting out of the hops based on boil times. The hme hops are already boiled to hit just the right notes on the chart for the recipe. If you boil longer, you shift how the hops are used (adding +10 minutes boiling shifts from all flavor to big bitter, minimal flavor.) That's why most say never boil hme. It totally changes how the hops affect the finished product.
  22. Congrats Knightmare! 5G is great because you really get to enjoy your hard work for a long time. (I seem to fly through all the bottles when I do a 2.2G batch.)
  23. Scott838383 wrote: How much cane sugar and how much water do you boil to batch prime 1 LBK (2.12 Gallons volume)? Should you reduce the amount of water in the wort originally, to compensate for the water added with the batch prime sugar? You can use screwy's priming calculator to get the right amount for the style. http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/p/brewing-tools-formulas.html#bpc Personally, I use 1/2 a cup of table sugar for a 4.5 gallon batch (that's usually what I end up racking to the bottling bucket on what should be a 5 gallon batch!) I disolve in 1 cup boiling water, then cool. The volume you're ending up with is so small I wouldn't worry about accounting for the extra liquid. The priming sugar will be fermented anyway so you're not really diluting the beer. You could also prime with dme if you're worried about adding adjunct.
  24. Joechianti wrote: gman, That's exactly the chart I used when I did that batch. I think it's great. I was so proud of myself when I finished all the steps, I forgot there was one more step not on the chart I am so mad at myself for skipping the boil after the mash. I still wonder if that batch would have made it okay. But now I don't have to wonder. I did what I thought was the right thing to do and corrected the mistake. :flush: with all the HB consumed during the long mash its a wonder I don't really forget the boil! So what was your efficiency with the stepped mash? I've been getting really crappy efficiency on my mash and starting to wonder if my pH is too high.Edit.- I guess if it was a partial mash it would be hard to tell the mash efficiency.
  25. This isn't nearly as scientific as Oly's explanation, but can serve as a handy quick reference guide... http://www.brewsupplies.com/mashing_temperatures.htm
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