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  1. Boil hops in unhopped malt extract ,not plain water. The hops need something to cling to . Otherwise, the bittering flavoring aromitating wont happen to much extent.
  2. Yeah, I want to keep it balanced, yet HOP flavor, Will Dry Hop for sure!
  3. But the IBU's would double?
  4. OK Hop Heads, I am working an IPA up. I want it to be balanced w/ a hint of malt but definitely want the Montueka to come thru, but not overpowering. Commando w/ both. Does this have enough flavor/ aroma hops??? 2.0 Gal Est OG 1.068 Approx 6.7% ABV, 60 IBUs, 10 SRM 3# Briess Pilsen Lt LME 1 pack Mr B Pale UME 2.5 oz C-60 at 154* 30 Min 1/2 Oz Columbus 15% AA 50 Min 1/4 Oz montueka 7% AA 10 min 1/4 Oz Montueka 3 Min. S-33 Safale Yeast.
  5. Tater, What carbing sugar did you use? and did you add to the base recipe, :party: GR8tr Hed!
  6. TATER!!!! Wow, GreatHead!!! Is that straight MrB recipe? What did you use for bottle carbing??? Toaszt!
  7. Watch for sales and stock up! Soundz like youre hooked. :lumberjack:
  8. Not Fromunda, From-el-aytch-be-ess. :silly: I used 6 g with 1 can Whisp. Wheat and 1# Light DME. 1 inch Krausen for 36 hours, no Krausen at 48 hrs. Temp on LBK went form 74 to 68 over first 2 days. Now at 66. Basement at 64F. What if take to kitchen closet (71F) for a couple days? Since its' wheat w/ Citra, wondering what flavors may come, as well as getting the FG down... Thanx! :gofish:
  9. Another storm rolled thru NoVA. 20 min into boilng my Citra whole hops,no more boil. I left em in the pot to steep for half an hour, as it cooled (still mighty hot). What does this do for the flavor and aroma? Another accidental experiment... :silly:
  10. Dishwasher with oxyclean. short cycle, full heat dry. Cookin w/ gas. :freeze:
  11. Same w. my Witty Monk, but I wore my Red Hat!
  12. No shame no blame! Make a plan and get stronger, you mos def are dedicated to the important things. Your health is most important to all who love U. sorry for the sap! Go Joe! :banana:
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