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  1. Boil hops in unhopped malt extract ,not plain water. The hops need something to cling to . Otherwise, the bittering flavoring aromitating wont happen to much extent.
  2. Yeah, I want to keep it balanced, yet HOP flavor, Will Dry Hop for sure!
  3. But the IBU's would double?
  4. OK Hop Heads, I am working an IPA up. I want it to be balanced w/ a hint of malt but definitely want the Montueka to come thru, but not overpowering. Commando w/ both. Does this have enough flavor/ aroma hops??? 2.0 Gal Est OG 1.068 Approx 6.7% ABV, 60 IBUs, 10 SRM 3# Briess Pilsen Lt LME 1 pack Mr B Pale UME 2.5 oz C-60 at 154* 30 Min 1/2 Oz Columbus 15% AA 50 Min 1/4 Oz montueka 7% AA 10 min 1/4 Oz Montueka 3 Min. S-33 Safale Yeast.
  5. Tater, What carbing sugar did you use? and did you add to the base recipe, :party: GR8tr Hed!
  6. TATER!!!! Wow, GreatHead!!! Is that straight MrB recipe? What did you use for bottle carbing??? Toaszt!
  7. Watch for sales and stock up! Soundz like youre hooked. :lumberjack:
  8. Not Fromunda, From-el-aytch-be-ess. :silly: I used 6 g with 1 can Whisp. Wheat and 1# Light DME. 1 inch Krausen for 36 hours, no Krausen at 48 hrs. Temp on LBK went form 74 to 68 over first 2 days. Now at 66. Basement at 64F. What if take to kitchen closet (71F) for a couple days? Since its' wheat w/ Citra, wondering what flavors may come, as well as getting the FG down... Thanx! :gofish:
  9. Another storm rolled thru NoVA. 20 min into boilng my Citra whole hops,no more boil. I left em in the pot to steep for half an hour, as it cooled (still mighty hot). What does this do for the flavor and aroma? Another accidental experiment... :silly:
  10. Dishwasher with oxyclean. short cycle, full heat dry. Cookin w/ gas. :freeze:
  11. Same w. my Witty Monk, but I wore my Red Hat!
  12. No shame no blame! Make a plan and get stronger, you mos def are dedicated to the important things. Your health is most important to all who love U. sorry for the sap! Go Joe! :banana:
  13. It's worth it if the cans have a really good base to work with (personal tastes) and IF on sale. :silly:
  14. I agree with both VM and CT. Don't think the Lite can will ever be used by the veterans. May be able to use the NON-Lites as a base for 6-8 Qt, if adding DME/steeps/hops. Maybe can make a good batch for 20$ if get on sale. Booster certainly will make it even thinner. :S Let's wait on the Reviews to try n figgr itout. :cheers: zz
  15. FG Dropped from 20 to 15. will bottle tonite. :cheer:
  16. Witty Monk w/ 3 Fromoundas, 65-68*F 21 days. OG 1.050, FG-1.018. NOT Happy. I warmed to 70*F. and gently shook LBK. Got Krausen activity and will take FG-2 on 24th day. Betting FG-2 will be lower. Hoping for 1.014 to get 5% ABV.
  17. Adding Booster aint the ansewer. :pound:
  18. "Beerlabelman" post=269950 said:I tried both the American ale & Patriot Lager. I gave them 2 stars because they are way too light, very little head retention, & very little lacing. Pretty good taste & clarity, but it needs more malt & hops. Very much like a lite BMC type beer. Too weak to even make a label. :ohmy: Imagine how light the Light can tastes..
  19. "dletts" post=269225 said:Yeah, that sediment is riding on top of the kreuzen; it's more of a light brown color, not as dark as I probably implied earlier. It has slowed down to where I put an airlock back on. Before that I did take a hydro reading. The OG right before pitching was 1.067; now it's at 1.040. Your comment about the hops reminded that I did put 5 pellets of Ht. Hood in my yeast starter; added 3 oz, instead of 2 oz, at the beginning of a 90 minute boil, then put in an oz of Tettnang right at burn out. I just did my first BIAB and same thing, next morning it had popped the tube and oozed. My top most layer appears to be hop colored. Quite excited, hope that it gets eaten up. It slowed down after another 6 hours. :sweat:
  20. "smgarrett" post=269357 said: "Danceswithbeer" post=269311 said:Hey- your wife has a sense of humor about your obsession.... that's more than half the battle! Offer to brew her a cider or something she likes now and again, and you could be cleared to use the kitchen come brew day. No having to wait till 10 at night, or doing all your brewing in the back yard.no fun in a hailstorm or blizzard!!! :freeze:
  21. "vmaxept" post=267340 said:I bottled this one yesterday. I went mad scientist on this one. A lesson in using hops before I understood the impact. CBGL DME Amber 1 pnd Yeast Muntons Gold Hops Columbus .5 40 min Cascade .5 30 min Cascade .25 20 min Cascade .25 10 min Palisade .25 5 min Columbus got me on a 2.13 gal batch, too. shoulda used .25 :sweat: I thought I had run QBrew FIRST. IBU 97 Taste at bottling was really bitter and strong hops. Not sure which one it was with the flavor. Strong after bite. Almost no malt taste. Going to take a while to mellow this one I will let this one age 5 weeks. Next time I will make sure I read about the hop profile and verify with QBrew. RR Columbus got me on a 2.13 gal batch, too. shoulda used .25 :sweat:
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