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  1. Just crack a bottle of this last night and it is great! Easily the best beer I've ever made so far. I only wish there was more of them. I need to go Screwy Brewer on these and use a few kegs next time around!
  2. Thanks everyone! You just saved a beer. I wonder why Mr.Beer says that you can use that as a filter on the site. Oh boy. Well I just went straight to bottles, didn't appear to have too much gunk floating around in it but it was a stout sooo... lol It was fermenting for a good while so I hope most of it dropped out. Thanks again for saving my beer!
  3. It's been awhile guys but I'm back for more knowledge. I'm about to bottle a coffee beer I brewed up a few weeks back. There are surely a few bit of coffee grounds floating around in there because of the bag I used for the grounds. So do you guys recommend using the Stainless Steel Strainer http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/67/nm/Stainless_Steel_Funnel_w_Strainer1 to strain the coffee grains out the beer or just let em float in there? Just wondering if anyone has used the Mr.Beer Strainer in particular? I'll probably throw it in some sanitizer anyway when I get home and make my decision after i see a few responses. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Yeah I just realized I have a hop sack that came with my 5 gallon kit I just bought. I'll just use that for now.
  5. I'm doing a bit of an experimental brew. Did some research on adding ground coffee to a recipe and I want to give it a shot but I only have one question. I've read that I should steep the coffee in the water before i go on boiling and adding the HME and UME. I don't have any hop sacks right now so I was going to use a coffee filter. Anybody do this before? I'm mainly concerned with how I should go about sanitizing the filter because I would also like to dry hop the ground coffee as well.
  6. Yeah glass all the way. Beer just looks strange in a plastic bottle haha. I've been messing around with all types of bottles and I haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood.) My current IPA that's carbing up right now is in like 4 different style of bottles. Stubby Anchor Steam Bottles Regular 12oz bottles Mexican Coke bottle and big ole East End Swing Top Pint. I don't think they are very hard to clean either. I just wash em out after use and then give them a oxyclean bath before I use them again.
  7. My buddy Noah did that with a local brewery in Pittsburgh. The Church Breworks As long as they are nice guys I don't see why they would put up a fuss. Tell them you're a homebrewer so they don't think you are stealing there shit for the competition haha
  8. I went with a 5 gallon igloo round cooler myself and haven't looked back since. Yeah Screwy Brewer I've got you're mash tun tutorial bookmarked. I'm sure you hear this a lot but thank you sooooo much for your website. It's amazing! haha Thanks for the grain and hop links as well my fellow board members. Most helpful board on the net I swear.
  9. The guy who showed me All Grain had bad experiences with our local homebrewing store, bunch of jerks I guess, so I'll probably avoid them. Online is more my style anyway. Suggestions on online sites besides Northern Brewing?
  10. Yeah I found a few builds. The orange sports cooler style? I'll check it out. Where do you guys buy your grain? Local store? Northern Brewing Site? Thanks
  11. Yeah I want to look into building a mash tunn so I can do full mash recipes. I've seen people make them out of the larger coolers (as mentioned above) but do you think I could get a smaller cooler to do a Mr.Beer sized All grain batch? My space is kind of limited and I'm still working in a kitchen so I think the 2.5 gal batches are ideal. I'm sure I can do the math and break some all grain recipes in half.
  12. A new friend of mine Noah showed some friends and I his all grain brewing steps this weekend. It was really awesome and very eye opening. We created an "Edward De Vere Stout" in roughly 4 hours and it was a blast. If you can find someone who is cool enough to teach you some all grain stuff totally go for it! I plan on continuing learning Mr.Beer recipes for now but one day I would like to get an all grain set up going.
  13. Yeah it looks real dark from the Mr.Beer photo but it's using the same recipe for English Brown Ale so I figured the color would be about the same. I really enjoyed the extra step of boiling hops with this one. It's just drawing me into brewing more and more. Can't wait to give this one a taste.
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