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  1. "Mmm_beer" post=252852 said: "TMed" post=252800 said:We all would probably recommend that you go a buy a case of good bottles and as the nong always says they even come with free beer in them! Buy? I've got cases of good bottles (I told my wife the bottles were free, the beer was just expensive! ) I've got cases of "good" bottles - my local favorite (columbus pale ale) has the non-twist off bottle. Also a visit to your local japanese restaurant and a nice tip to your waitress can net you a plethora of nice 20oz bottles... Those clear miller bottles allow me to see what is going on inside too... Just surprised they work so well w/ no problems... just sayin I see it as I'm paying for the bottles and the beer is free. :chug:
  2. I can't agree enough on reading those stickies. I too did some cinnamon in my 2nd batch and it does take some extra time to mellow out. Not sure I would have choose that for a ipa but that's the great thing about this obsession... Er... Hobby is its 100% you. Great fun! Happy brewing and welcome! :party:
  3. No homebrew stores in your area? A cap of bleach would work but you will have to rinse afterwards. A few guys here also bake their bottles with tin foil over the kid as I've never done that you can wait for them to chime in. Also you could see if your dishwasher has a sanatizing setting as some do. Good luck!
  4. With our type of beer its a living breathing entity and with time more and more gas and pressure will come. I take pride in my beer and losing a beer or 24 to a bottle that may or may not erupt is a risk I choose not to take. Plus I don't wanna tell anyone I put it in a mgd bottle We all would probably recommend that you go a buy a case of good bottles and as the nong always says they even come with free beer in them!
  5. Thanks gonna add it to my list off beer books that I don't have time to read. Barely hae time to brew lately and I haven't even been on here in at least 5 months but more knowledge never hurts right?
  6. I was told by midwest to keep a close eye on it when I was trying to remember which kit it came with. Liked its results tho.
  7. I myself use 2 party pigs. Cost $4 each use for a new pouch and no co2 needed. I have nothing but good things to say about it. Have been thru about 4 batches since I got it and it takes about 10 mins to fill no batch priming needed and it fits more then a diy Coors home draft. I ideally have about 22-24 bottles after I fill it that I do batch prime.
  8. looks like my WPA looked like. Was happy to make beer and it was better than mbc tasted so I was hooked. 20 batches later half of those 5 gallon and I have refined my art . As ling as it makes you happy to drink and you get satisfaction sharing it with friends keep on brewing! I tend to try one bottle at 2 weeks still. So I can judge the progress.
  9. yankeedag wrote: um, get two more kegs and brew them all. :borg: +1 the nong knows best. I think my grandma has a pillow with that saying on it somewhere haha :cheers:
  10. I just bottled my daywalker amber ale yesterday that was in my 5 gallon for 28 days. Tasted great at bottling
  11. I tried kreamy-x on my last batch of British Brown Bomber which is part DME and it turned out ok. The party pig had a great amount of head but it still fell quite fast. The bottles have a little bit more head then the party pig but you are suppose to carb a brown ale a little light if ya ask me. I useually just use cane or granulated sugar and have used honey 2 times as well.
  12. Dberei wrote: uconnrh11 wrote: TMed wrote: I just placed a order today for the midwest supplies pumpkin ale that I will brew next week for the fall. Nice. I have the same kit arriving saturday. Have you brewed it before? If so any pointers? Slightly off topic, but do you use northern brewer often? I was just looking around on their site and it looks reasonably priced. Do you brew 2.5 gallons only or do you do the full 5 gallons?I have never bought from northern brewer. I have bought from monster brew and midwest supplies. I placed a order from midwest this time because in may they shipped my order to the wrong person so they gave me a $20 gift card. That order in may was when i used my $25 gift card from the groupon deal and they are where I got my 5 gallon setup. I have never tried the pumpkin beer myself as I've only been breweing since december and its more of a fall thing IMHO
  13. I just placed a order today for the midwest supplies pumpkin ale that I will brew next week for the fall. Not gonna party pig this one just bottle it all so I can let it sit without taking up one of my two party pigs. I plan on using a 30oz can of pumpkin to get a BIG pumpking kick on the 5 gallon batch.
  14. hanginthere wrote: I was talking about the plastic mini kegs. Have not gotten to work with the aluminum yet. I know others have been successful with them. I have a customer that drinks heineken from those and is going to save them for me. once I have a couple I'll let you know how I make out using them. I thought the heinken ones were the only ones that could not be reused do to a differnt tapping system then the others.
  15. What a Deal!!! I just got 2 of them from my wifey for my birthday. Have been so busy lately with my cell phone shop moving to a new location that I havent got time to bottle in it yet. Thurday will be the first. I ordered about 6 extra pressure pouches so I have a total of 10.
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