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  1. That looks good. I would modify it just a little bit it if were me, and use magnum for the bittering hop addition. Higher AAU so you wouldn't need to use as much (don't have access to Beersmith at the moment, so can't give you amount). They are also a common bittering hop for APAs (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale). Just my $0.02
  2. GWCR


    Fermentation won't happen without yeast. As long as the wort was at a good temp when you stirred in the yeast, you are fine.
  3. Great news! Now all you people in Mississippi can keep start brewing! :chug:
  4. Looking at the profile of this refill, it looks to be on the high side of an APA for IBUs already. I would be careful about too long of a flavor boil as that will add more bitterness as well. If what you are going for is aroma, then I would just dry hop 1/2 oz and call it good. Aroma is also a component of flavor/taste, so that may be all it takes for you.
  5. Typically you don't want to boil the hops with HME. Boiling HME can change the intended hop profile of the finished beer. If you intend to boil the hops with this refill kit, I would boil with some of the LME, remove from heat, then stir in the rest of the LME and HME. Depending on what you want to get out of the added hops will determine how long to boil. Nightman's chart is a good one. 22 minutes is the boil time to get the max flavor out of the hops. However, I'm curious as to what you want to get from the extra hops. Have you tried this recipe without any additions? Does it need more flavor or aroma? Blindly adding hops for random boil times may not achieve what you want. I would suggest making it as is first, then see what your palate tells you is missing.
  6. I'll add my thanks as well! Great contest that really got the creativity flowing. Thanks for the consolation prize!! Congrats to all the finalists!!! Tis the voting season so head on over to the voting thread. As they say in Chicago, "Vote Early, Vote Often!"
  7. All is well. Patience will be your friend. I would wait a minimum of 3 weeks in the bottle at room temp before sampling. After 3 weeks at room temp, pop one in the fridge for a few days, then sample. If it still tastes cidery, wait longer. I know it isn't fun to wait that long, but your tastebuds will thank you. My first batch (Cowboy Golden Lager) was best after about 8-10 weeks in the bottle if I recall correctly (YMMV). Welcome to the Borg and good luck!! :chug:
  8. Very nice! Congrats!! :chug:
  9. Haven't noticed anything. SA are my favorite bottles to use.
  10. What yeast? Dry or liquid? Did you aerate well?
  11. I'd give it another week and test it again. What was the temp when you pitched the yeast?
  12. Wise words above. We can help more with more info from you. How long was it in the fermenter before you bottled? Did you take any gravity readings, if so, what were they? How long has it been conditioning, and at what temp? How long did you chill it before opening one?
  13. Amount of sugar looks right, as well as temp. Walk us through your batch priming procedure. Something there may be the culprit. Do you see a sediment layer in any of the bottles?
  14. Looks Great!! Congrats!!! :cheers:
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