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  1. Without getting to much into detail, what will butter do to my wort before fermentation? Or if added post fermentation, how will it affect bottle carbonation. As for the butter, small amounts will be used...approximately 4-6 tablespoons. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I havent brewed since like June...got my first batch in yesterday. I kept it simple since ive been away for a while and I did the firecraker ale. Went to check my temperature in the cooler, and perved the keg. Amazing how excited i got seeing the yeast in action...SOOOOOOO, Im Heading to the brew store for a new recipe today. Haha, gotta scratch the itch!!!
  3. my wife will be glad to hear this...i was pretty sure it wouldnt work, but enjoying multiple homebrews in rapid succession can take the better senses away from any of us. thanks guys, now to face the music and tell the wife that she was right and that i was a drunken dummy...oh well, guess ill have a brew to prepare for the shame...lol, thanks guys....by the way...this will be my wife :banana: and this :think: will be me...
  4. Its just a ge water cooler. I just had a thought...come to think of it, i was probably 4 or 5 in at the time...but the pressure is what concerned me. as far as the dispensing, i thought i could just tip the bottle a bit here and there to release some pressure during the party...my main concern was for carbonation...if it would explode during that process.
  5. Im going to ask it anyway...heres the setup. I am having a get together soon for my friend coming back from afghanistan. He wants homebrew...so i am obligated to brew up a batch. I am going to make 4 gallons of a lighter beer...something along the line of the bmc's, but with more flavor...anyway, now to my question. Can I batch prime the four gallons in a five gallon water bottle. you know, sparkletts, arowhead etc. see what i was thinking(since i dont have a keg or any money to get the equipment), was that i would use my water cooler. I know, sounds rediculous, and i dont know if it would work or how long it would stay carbonated. But, it has a cooler and keeps the water REALLY cold. now i know the beer will be gone after this get together, so i am not worried about holding carbonation for a long time....just a few hours. The bottles have tops on them that a spike in the cooler punches out a lid about a half inch in diameter. the weight of the water makes a seal(not air tight im sure). Does anyone think this is going to work, or am i as rediculous as my wife thinks i am. Im thinking it will work for about4 or 5 hours...any thoughts...also, the bottles say for water only, will the beer carbonate :stout: with a gallons worth of space in the bottle, or am i asking for a 4 gallon bottle bomb? thoughts....
  6. I want to start by thanking Fedora Dave for doing the recipe collaboration. I am sure it was a lot of work pairing us all and I personally appreciate any time you took to make it happen. Especially because MonkeyMan and I put together a pretty fine IPA. I learned a bit in the process and enjoyed the experience. I for one am looking forward to another collaboration and the education it brings. Thanks again, Cheers...and RIP to another Raging IPApe!!!
  7. thanks for your quick response jdub. trouble is this isnt a mr beer brew, its a clone. the directions say to do a boil of hops as well as a 5 minute steep and a 2 minute steep. that is where i am confused. it doesnt seem to be a dry hop, but i was wondering if the steep should be done with 5 minutes left in the boil and 2 minutes left in the boil, or after flameout, or if it even matters.
  8. Hey guys, My directions call for a hop boil and a hop steep. my question is about the hop steep. am i to steep after flame out?? if so, do i steep and remove the hops, or should i just let them stick it out throughout the fermentation?? any help will be appreciated.
  9. I brewed the mr beer irish red and a make shift leftovers brew....i used coopers drops in one and table sugar in the other. the red tasted ok...the other...hardly drinkable, but i think that is due to the rag tag recipe and out of date hme.
  10. just a couple questions on the cold crashing process. first off, what is the ideal temp for a 2-3 day cold crash? the reason is that a couple of my last batches didnt carb well and have white floaties in the beer. is this possibly because my cold crash was too cold or too long and most of the yeast died or never woke up from their winter nap? which brings up my next question, after a cold crash, does the beer need to be brought back to fermentation temps before bottling(i bottle prime). thanks guys, i appreciate any help.
  11. To be honest, it is an ok ipa...not really happy in my opinion. Drinkable, yes...but not a hoppy ipa...IMHO
  12. upon further review...i did NOT use coopers on this batch...table sugar. it is only like this in a couple of bottles, which is good, because after 24 hrs in the fridge...flat. not a bad taste or anything, just not good. dissapointed.
  13. i used coopers drops for carbonation. other than that, nothing was different with my brew process or results until now...refrigeration has not dropped the floaters...safe to drink?
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