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  1. Im still bringing it to a boil hopefully it will float up when it does
  2. While pouring in a can of muntons for five gallon batch the lid of the can fell in the pot and i cant get it out so im going to have to just roll with it hopefully it turns out ok. Any body else ever do something like this?
  3. mashani wrote: Just throwing out stuff to see if any of it sticks: How did you clean your bottles with the star-san? Sure it touched every bit? Did you sanatize the inside of your spigot before you bottled? Bottling wand soaked it the star-san solution? Hands sanatized when you attached bottling wand? Fruit flies? (KILL KILL). soaked bottles in oxy for an hour then rinsed. then i have 90 bottle bottle tree with a vinator on top that sprays star san into the bottle so it deff touched every part of the bottle. I dont use a wand just go straight from spigot which i ran starsan through so i have no idea what went wrong
  4. also was first time i used star san which i think is better than one step so sanitation shouldnt be the problem
  5. sorry went away for a few days. It was northern brewers 5 gallon hefe kit. Fermenter stayed at exactly 68 for three weeks and conditoned at the same. Tried another today to see if it was just a bad bottle but this one was just as bad very sour may have to dump all 5 gallons
  6. maybe but six weeks should give you a hint of what its going to taste like and its tastes like every other home brew gone bad right now
  7. my five gallon batch of hefeweizen tasted great at bottled now it tastes like cider what happened also been bottled for six weeks
  8. Trollby wrote: I think if you add 1/4 oz more hops and 1# Wheat DME and 1/2# pale or light DME you would be very close thanks sounds good to me
  9. also 2 wicked monk recipes involve six cans 4 witty monk and two pale
  10. I just want it to taste like the 2 gallon batch i made in the lbk
  11. Ya thats what i figured do you have any suggestions on what to add to it to make five gallons without changing the taste?
  12. I would like to brew a five gallon batch of wicked monk. Ordered two kits earlier, but not sure if that is enough for five gallons. Should i add a pound or two of light or wheat dme?
  13. I have a large fermentation chamber that i ferment and condition my beer in. The beer i brewed yesterday needs to stay at 82 degrees for five days. Also just bottled a batch yesterday. Will conditoning at that high of a temp create off flavors in the beer i just bottled?
  14. What are you using for yeast fromunda or something special
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