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  1. Thanks Guys thats what I was lookin for!
  2. Great Post Yankee, thank you very much, good stuff!!
  3. First batch (Witty Monk w/ 3/4 cup brown sugar) in bottles, second bat Cowboy Lager in the fermenter. Lovin life so far and everyone here has been tons of help. Now, I have Pilothouse pilsner and WCPA ready to go as the keg(s) open up. I also have American Devil IPA but I have never been a big fan of IPA's so what I am lookin for is someone to tell me "this isn't your normal IPA" or what do you guys think about adding a can of Pale Export UME, to mellow out the bitterness. Anyone have any ideas to dress down this IPA? Thanks Riff
  4. Thanks guys I think I got it. Using my original ex. if I brewed up a batch of ADIPA and it was just to hoppy for me I could hypothetically brew another batch and add a can of LME and produce a more balanced brew?
  5. So bitter is bitter but by adding malt it wont taste as bitter as what the IBU would indicate?
  6. Another rookie question. Obviously all beers have some amount of bitterness, and that bitterness is gauged in IBU's. 1) What causes the bitterness? 2) How do you counter the bitterness? For example the ADIPA is rated at like 58 IBU's if that is to bitter for you, is there something you can add to it to decrease the bitterness. Or is it just the way it is? This is probably a dumb line of questioning but it struck me and I figured what better place to ask
  7. Riff


    Thanks Guys, I appreciate the info.
  8. Riff


    I didn't have a hydrometer when I started my first batch (Witty Monk w/ 3/4 cup of brown sugar). Is there any way to figure what ABV I have or will have? I do have a Hydrometer now. But, the instructions say I need a first sample and final sample to compare. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thats funny that you say that Noah, my first batch is Witty Monk, I pulled a couple of ounces and had my wife try it. Well she is a big Blue Moon fan and was sold instantly. Get her involved she will love it too.
  10. My first batch is in its last day or so of fermenting and I am excited about getting it into the bottles. My problem is that I just ordered another kit and am afraid I may be addicted to brewing my own beer.
  11. Just a rookie here but am very curious. If you dropped a pepper in each bottle would you still use the same amount of sugar to carb it? Would the pepper change anything?
  12. Riff


    Thank you Pack and I will
  13. Riff


    Thank you and I hope you are right
  14. Riff


    Just wanted to say hello. Also to say thank you in advance for the tons of info I have already received. First brew, 8 days in and can't wait. Cookin up a batch of Witty Monk that I added 3/4 cup of brown sugar. Pretty basic I guess but I am sure the future holds bigger and better.
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