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  1. Afternoon folks... I am wondering, and shame on me for not searching, but how long is too long in the keg? I have had WCPA and an English Ale fermenting, and forgot about them. I THINK I started them in January, like the 22nd or so. What are your thoughts on what I should do? Thanks, Chuk
  2. Alright guys, something happened and I'm not really sure what. I found a can of west coast pale ale, high country canadian draft, a packet of sterling pellet hops with sack. I also have sitting around the oktoberfest vienna lager and an extra high country canadian draft. Of course, I have the yeast that comes with all those and several pouches of booster. Now for my dilemna; I wanted to make First Pitch Pilsner for my friend and I to enjoy on opening day of baseball, but someone pointed out I don't have everything to make that (I don't have the pale export ume, only the wcpa hme).....so for the experienced people out there... What should I combine to make something strong, yet tasty and light for the coming of Texas spring? All ideas are appreciated! Charlie
  3. Oh no, what would happen if I used that instead?
  4. Thanks so much, sorry I didn't check that.
  5. Good afternoon guys, I just found that I have all the ingredients necessary to make a batch of First Pitch Pilsner. The only problem, I lost the directions on what to do. Anyone have a link or can explain what to do so I don't screw this up? Specifically, I follow the directions as normal right? So, do I boil 4 cups water with half a pouch of booster, then add the West Coast Pale Ale and High Country Canadian Draft, mix, then add to the keg? Also, do I add both packets of yeast that came under the lids? I think that sums it up! Thanks a lot for any input! Chuck
  6. Howdy folks! After having those brews bottled and conditioning for bit, I have tried a few about 5-7 days apart. They turned out wretched. The flavor was bad, there was a burning sensation, but I could still tell there was some blueberry flavor there. I am pretty sure it was ruined, either by aeration caused during bottling with my defective wand, OR by infection. I talked to customer service and she said it could be either, even when using sanitized equipment, infections sometimes just happen. All I went on the help chat for was advice about how to not let this happen again. I told her about the wand problem and without me even asking she immediately confirmed my email and sent another wand. She also credited my account for the recipe. I even told her after that that I wasn't on the chat looking for free crap, I just wanted an idea of what might have happened. She still insisted on the free wand and the credit to my account. Now THAT, is what I call excellent customer service!
  7. Ikaika wrote: You mean like this? This was just the straight up ADIPA, nothing added. Head retention all the way to the bottom. :cheer: MMMMM that looks tasty!
  8. Did you tell them you were nude? That probably did it for you...
  9. Thanks for all the input guys! I was thinking that I could accommodate that temperature for the yeast...then I remembered I live deep in the heart of Texas, so I switched out to the American Ale liquid yeast. I also changed to the US Saaz pellet hops. I'm not really sure what I am trying to accomplish here, I think I just want to experiment without going overboard. To be honest, i'm not sure the difference between ales and pilsners and the other varieties of beer. That being said, I am changing the name to Charlie's Bareback Brewski. Any more thoughts?
  10. Okay folks, I really want to try my own recipe. I have thrown this together real quick. Let me know what you think, if it would blend well, or if there is something I could change to possibly make it better? Charlie's Horseback Pilsner 1- Cowboy golden lager hme 1- Pale export ume 1- US Goldings Hops 1- Pilsen lager yeast Like you all know, I'm still new, just trying to branch out. Thanks in advance for all the input! Charlie
  11. Alright ya'll, here is what's been going through my head for a few hours. I been using plain old table sugar for priming my bottles. I have noticed that the carbonation is "hard" so to speak, and the head is like....hard foam? Like if I I have a nice inch or so of head, and I put my finger right into the middle, it would just part ways, and almost stay stiff until it disappears. Is there something I can use, since I'm brewing more and more now, to soften the head and soften the carbonation? Hopefully this makes sense or at least you'll get what I'm trying to say. Thanks! Charlie
  12. StarRaptor wrote: Broke my wand this weekend cleaning up after bottling/canning a batch of Deathfire Recipe or GTFO!!! lol I jest! It would be great to get your recipe and the statistics for that brew! I collect hot sauces and would love to make a brewski like that... Just too afraid to experiment right now. Those bottles look like a fun time!
  13. Okay guys, I filled a keg with water and inserted the better of the two wands, it works out great! Can't wait till it's time to bottle next time! Liguini, sorry about your bad luck with all that. After seeing the keg with water work out perfectly, I wish you could find something that would work for you, cause it will make bottling a breeze!
  14. Thanks for the input guys. I had actually ordered two of the combos plus an extra locking spigot. After looking at everything and doing some finagling, it looks like the wand itself is defective. At the top part, where it is beveled, it looks like it was beveled a bit too much. My other wand seems to work fine, so I'll just deal with it. I wish I would have thought to check the other wand first... I guess that's what I get for bottling while drinking whispering wheat :cheer:
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