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  1. Thanks, I had forgotten the recipe section that you linked. You guys are the best.
  2. I have read and reread the instructions and have looked across the forums but I can not figure out at what point to put the blueberries and honey into the mix. Can someone help a old fart out? Thanks Jeff
  3. Your right, I want to touch and taste everytime I walk by the bottles. The local K-mart has several flavors left over from their Christmas push and I'm hoping they will mark them down soon so I can get a little better deal. Thank you guys for your guideance.
  4. I have brewed my first batch (WCPA) and am at the bottling stage. This is day two of the bottling process. I do not see any yeast/bubble action in the bottles. Did I do something wrong? The beer tasted wonderful when I checked it before I bottled it and I did add the sugar. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Jeff
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