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  1. Looks good! One thing i did and noticed you did too was put the faucet so high that if you opt for a taller tap handle, youll need to open the fridge to open the freezer. I figured thats not to big a deal. I might fix the two doors on my fridge together so if ya open one ya open the other
  2. First stop Germany, second stop India, where we going next?
  3. the online calc says brewhouse but its really a mash eff calc when you use preboil og and preboil vol. mash eff will be higher than your brewhouse eff as brewhouse takes into account you og and fermentor vol, which excludes vol lost to trub
  4. i was listening to a basic radio podcast a while back and they tested the ibu's in a lab. they tested beer that was bottle conditioned and drew samples from the top of the bottle, middle and bottom. they found that the ibu's in a beer near the top of the bottle were lower than those taken from samples taken from the bottom. this suggestss as a botttle ages, the oil that conttain ibu's fall out of supension which is why a beer may appear to lose bitterness over time. itd be interestingg if one would take a bottle and mix it up and then refridgerate it breifly iif it would appear more bitter than one chilled that was left undisturbed.
  5. correct , 1 Tablespoon per gallon is a good ratio to use. and use 100% pure vanilla extract.
  6. bp - you got MOM and BOM confused k9Dude is June BOM and FD was the June MOM and you are the July MOM but no July BOM
  7. "D Rabbit" post=274094 said: "Inkleg" post=274078 said:Roger, Hope you don't mind me being there. This is the push I need to get better also. So I signed up too. You'll know when you see me. I'll be the one with ink on my legs. Jeff What if you wear pants? Might get awkward asking everyone to show him their legs. :laugh:
  8. I just sampled my 5 gal batch with 8oz of cocoa nibs. its more chocolaty than the the 2.5 gal batch I did with 3oz of cocoa powder. Some say to add cocoa powder at flame out and add nibs 1week into fermentation as they lend differently to aroma and flavor. But, I'd start with one or the other though as chocolate bars can have too much fat and may cause issues IIRCC.
  9. I just keep it in the same bag it comes in, fold it over and tape it shut with whatever tape I got handy that day and put in my lower corner kitchen cupboard. Works well for me.
  10. I think its easier to hide off flavors in a dark beer but thats not to say dark beers are easier to make. Like Dave points out, there are more ingrediants (usually) that go into dark beers, thus more things to tweak to get it right for YOU. But if the question is basically, which is easier to mask off flavors, that'd be dark beers
  11. "tspeary" post=221943 said:This is an infection.. if you see this, dump it. Side note - once you are done throwing up from the smell, wash the LBK at least twice. i know this is an old post but this looks like my dogs water dish after a few hours when the pup pushes dog food into it. :sick:
  12. I do not think DMS is an issue with specialty grains. It primarily an issue with grains at less than 3 lovibond. The lighter the kiln the more DMS precursors exist. Its these precursors that when boiled get driven off. If they dont DMS will form while you cool the wort. It will give you a corn like flavor. So no, I dont see why youd NEED to boil steeped grain wort for DMS reasons.
  13. The starter will be a true sign of viable yeast. The temps may be too low to get quick swelling. Since it sounds like it was swell, albeit slow, thats a good indication youll be fine
  14. I think youd be fine. Id do it asap though unless you hear concrete.
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