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  1. thanks...but like I said no bad results w/ a little extra yeast...this is not a job for me...now I remember why I quit posting...
  2. ...1/2 pack?? why mess w/a good thing...these are the best recipes that I ever brewed...plus I think the head comes out better...
  3. Hello folks...getting my Mr Beer stuff out....made a big order and am ready for some new recipes and also some old favorites...see lots of new names...hope all is well with my old mates... two new ones... Shillelagh XX (say it shill-lay-lee, an irish walking stick) (1) can linebacker DOPPEL Bock HME (1) can St Patty's Irish Stout HME (1) can creamy brown UME (1) cup wildflower honey (1) pack saaz hops(1/2 hour boil) (1) 11 gram Nottingham yeast Weizenbier XX special (2) cans Whispering Wheat HME (1) can Mellow amber UME (1) cup wildflower honey (1 ) pack halterbrau hops(1/2 hour boil) (1) 11 gram pack Nottingham yeast and two from last season that really came out good.... "Golden Stone"... (2) cans Canadian HC draft HME (1) can Golden Wheat UME (1) pack halterbrau hops...(boiled 10 minutes) (1) cup local honey (1) teaspoon ground coriander (1) 11 gram pack Nottingham yeast "Wickeder Monk" (2) Cans Witty Monk HME (1) Can Pale Export UME (1) pack Saaz hops, finely ground boiled 40 minutes(first) (1) pack Halterbrau hops , finely ground boiled 20 minutes(last) (1) heaping tsp ground coriander (1) cup wild honey (1) 11 Gram pouch Nottingham yeast
  4. here is a link that can get you started...lots of info related...t http://www.brewingtechniques.com/library/backissues/issue6.2/diebolt.html
  5. thanks for the detailed answer on the buckets...had no idea of the scratches etc.... I will get the sites together of the brew/pub and micro set ups...it not on this machine...t
  6. not a good idea...too much sugar...will give a bad result...adding extra HME or UME is OK...extra sugars will make your brew very cidery...unless you want to make cider??
  7. doubling up HME's will for sure give good results( many of the better recipes use that)...most here after making a few batches quit using booster and replacing w/ other things, like honey or raw sugar or fruit ...booster is only flaked corn syrup...1 cup of honey will replace it fine... the HC is a great HME...it can make many nice brews! now in regards to the MRB recipe you mentioned, only use one booster....the results will be much less cidery...IMHO... a good thing to do is to go through the MRB recipes and check out the details...what actually goes into them, it is a great tool to learn what makes different styles and tastes... good luck...
  8. OK...two in one weekend(new batches tapped)...after 6 weeks conditioning...Dbl HME brew...again...thanks to all the HB bros that have helped either directly or indirectly...I read all the posts...sometimes I dont really understand all the "lingo"...but learning starts somewhere... definetely ready for some flounder on the grill...they are in our local waters now... I have been interchanging certain combos with similar add's...man is this HB deal fun! I am so hoppy! bit of a bitter flavor...but not too much...not very heavy at all...no after taste at all, as some Dbls have had...nice balance...I think it will be great with fish...If I was still in the mountains I would have thought up some cowboy name for it...but when in Rome..... this is great at 6 weeks...can it get better??I wished I had started 5 gal batches now( I just cleaned out a drywall bucket)...after I buff out a few afficienado friends I will have to save a few for myself...(two gallon batches tend to go quickly...especially if it Rocks!) this whole HB deal came about when friend of mine who is an investor said he was interested in starting a pub/brewery @ the beach......but we needed to learn something before we could even consider something so serious...we both love good brews...but what makes what??? I cannot say how much fun this school is! there are a lot of "packages" available to entrepenuers who want to turn restaraunts / grills into P/B's...I doubt anyone could learn more in similar time spent as on the forum here anywhere else except a full on school...whether or not that actually ever comes into fruition...HBing will stay w/ me forever... I think next batch I will go with double Saaz amount...the depot at bottom of the glass reminds me of brews I have drank in small establishments in Europe(grinding hops and adding straight into Wort)...proof of handcrafting... Flounder Pounder (2) can HC Draft HME (1) can creamy brown UME (1/2) cup wild honey (1) pack Saaz hops finely ground (15 minutes) (1) pack Halterbrau hops finely ground (30 minutes) (2) tsp ground coriander (1/3) cup ground orange peel (1) 11 gram pack Nottingham yeast (1) MRB yeast pack "innocent flounders are being pounded"
  9. does this mean we only have a few months to live???
  10. I keep all my yeast in the fridge...unopened packs of hops in an airtight jar...but like said above...let the yeast warm to room temp for a day before pitching...let it wake up!
  11. Bavarian Heritic...how could anything with a name like that go wrong! :chug: :chug: :chug: "wickeder monk"
  12. I bottled WM and a variation w/ Dbl HME both at three weeks...fermenting was at 68 degrees...and couldnt be happier w/ the results...no readings to give to you...did use 11 gram pack Nottingham yeast with an extra pack of MRB too... I am sure others here will have a remark as to what could happen letting it go longer...I would bottle it...3/3/3 is my method all the time now...then let it sit for more tests...I use brown sugar for the bottling...I still prime per bottle ... WM is probably my favorite MRB recipe...cant go wrong with it! good luck...
  13. thanks for the insights from some here about "hops" etc...after two months of one batch...and one 6 weeks it appears that the boil schedule etc really worked...maybe even moreso after some more conditioning...but my desire to add some of then flavor that comes from more hops worked out excellent!using two UME's is something I havent done before...and was afraid it would be a bit maltier than I prefer...but I had it in my brew box...the boiling really covered that fine...the coriander and orange really give it the Belgian accent! here is the recipe...its not a "Q brew" , or is it anything really special other than using different MRB components and adding some other spice and hops...but for me it is the best brew I have made so far( maybe thirty batches)...and I have had some pretty good ones...thanks again...ted Blackfish Ale (1) can Vienna Octoberfest HME (1) can pale UME (1) can creamy brown UME (2) packs Saaz hops finely ground(MRB) (1) pack Halterbrau hops(MRB) (1/3) cup orange peel (1) tsp ground coriander (1/4) cup wild honey (1) 11 gram pack Nottingham yeast (1) MRB yeast Halterbrau was boiled 15 minutes...then Saaz was added and boiled an additional 15( no bag, just finely ground and allowed to be bottled in suspension, I think most stayed in trub)...also honey added last two minutes as was the coriander...orange peel was added at flameout...the 11 gram pack of Nottingham was added after temp of wort was 72 degrees...the MRB yeast pack was added after final stir up... result is a very "hoppy" yet smooth ale...a little dark, but with a taste of some IPA ?? I guess the hops did that...very strong, light colored head that took a few minutes to settle down to get a 2" top...( poured into a 1 pint glass)I accidently popped the swing top a bit fast on first one...so a bit got lost, dripping away... actually I cant find anything about this one I dont like...this may not be a good way to describe it...but here goes...the hoppy atribute of SA Noble mixed w/ a Trappist Chimay...probably a 8%ABV plus or minus??...this is a recipe that I will for sure repeat...not being afraid to use extra hops really made a difference... think it will go great w/ grilled Blackfish(Tautog) a fish we get freediving off the wrecks that are offshore of where I live ...hence the name...
  14. I use the WYEAST Belgian 3944 with all my Witty Monk style brews(Wit Biers)...and Nottingham for the rest...( darkers ) all I can say is be generous...rather than stingy w/ the amounts...one thing the MRB packs is that they seem a little small...plus...I never know how old they are...?? I'm sure they are cool...but it has been fun to experiment with stuff from other companies...other than that I stick w/ their stuff(MRB)...
  15. last batch of WM I used the WYEAST 3944 Belgian Wit...whole pouch...couldn't be happier w/ the results 3 months later... good luck... :chug:
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