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  1. what concentration did you use with oxy free? 1 scoop per gallon? 1/2???
  2. have since rewashed with oxyclean less than 1 hour after dawn... any advice or did I manage to save the keg?
  3. OOPS!!! I used Dawn dish soap and immediately rinsed with luke warm water... is this going to be a problem later on?
  4. I made my own bottling bucket from basic supplies. I got a FREE food grade bucket (with lid) from the deli/bakery at my local grocery store. Then I went to my LHBS and bought a spigot. My local hardware store did not have any food grade plumbing spigots in stock (pex tubing is food grade) or they might have been cheaper there. The next part was the only tricky part... I drilled a 1 inch hole in the side of the pail near the bottom (the size required for the spigot)and completed the set up with a slight wrench tightening of the nut on the spigot. Total cost less than 4 dollars!
  5. Great link! How much would you use for aroma and mild flavor?
  6. Any tips on hops that would go well with this for flavor that will complement honey? I don't like overpowering hops, but would still like a balanced brew.
  7. After I pull my first batch out of the fermenter I am going to brew a batch of Whispering Wheat. I am going to forgo using the booster and put in some plain wheat DME from my LHBS. 1 can WW HME 1 lb Plain wheat DME and Frumunda yeast. Do you think I will need to add a separate batch of hops? Too much DME? Feedback would be great. Thanks EDIT: Forgot to ask if you think honey would be good in this recipe as well. If so How much would you add?
  8. Very nice swen... but why is the Sam Adam's full... knowing the founding fathers as I do ( I have a Masters Degree in Political Science/ American Government and US Foreign Policy) there was no shortage of beer... most of the Declaration was hashed out at a local pub before independence hall...
  9. I guess the temp log thing would make it seem longer, but since I have been filling out temp logs at work for over 4 years, I am sorta used to it.
  10. I have been keeping pretty good records so far. I am on my 7th day of fermentation and have been checking 2x daily. Temperature was fairly steady for 4 days, then dropped a few degrees (to be expected after reading the forums). However, today it dropped another 2 degrees and I am sitting at 64 degrees F. I am brewing High Country Canadian standard recipe (HME booster) with fromunda yeast. Planning on letting it ferment for at least one more week. Should I bring the temp up a few degrees? Thanks
  11. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for your service.
  12. my computer is having trouble posting the pics sry guys
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