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  1. I have added too mutch honey when [ batch priming ] 3/4 cup in to 5gal ,,,,it was a bit of cider in the back round,,,, best of luck ,,
  2. the old [st paddy stout] or the [tiwn tower] :popbeer:
  3. most kegs will spew foam at first pour,,,, gun it - wide open get the foam out ,,, and the beer will come,,, just got a 5g keg from cedar creek brewery, TX, after a lot of foam [2 gallons - give or take] i filled 5-6 growlers and put them in the fridge [attachment=13626]ccbontap.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=13627]5galccb.jpg[/attachment]
  4. nice lables every one ,,,, our printer works off my wifes lap top,,, so ,,, duct-tape and black marker works for now,,, :popbeer:
  5. i keep the lid lose,, and i have had no problems ,,,, an air lock wont hurt to add,,,, [attachment=12785]krasen3_2013-04-13.jpg[/attachment]
  6. hanktay ouyay ereyvay utchmay uddybay,,,,,,,,,,, :cheers: heerscay ,,,,
  7. your not realy buying beer ,, your just '' renting it''' ,,,,,,,,,, [attachment=11451]free-beer-taste-better-32.jpg[/attachment]
  8. i have a keg that has been empty and sitting for a long time ,,, [attachment=11299]keg2_2013-02-17.jpg[/attachment] i cut it open with a grinder ,,, and cleaned it with a scuff pad and soapy water....
  9. any leek , of any gas, other than oxagen,,, is a consern to all in every house hold,,,,thats one of many reasens why you [ every one ] YES YOU ,,,, should not use youre stove as a heater [ off- topic ] but true ,,,,,,,, :sweat: BE SAFE ,,,,, BREW SAFE ,,,,,,,,, :gofish:
  10. "alb" post=337142 said: Been having trouble with my keezer set-up leaking CO2. A 5# tank should easily last for 10 5-gal kegs but mine lasts less than one, and I can smell CO2 when I open the lid. This last time it was good for about 3 days then the needle started dropping and 3 days later it's empty. :shoot: The gas man said he checked my connections at the gauge and the hose and it's not the problem. So either my disconnects or the lid must be leaking, but 2 different kegs have been involved, not at the same time. I sprayed soapy water on the fittings, but no bubbles came up to indicate where the problem could be. Any other ideas from my beer brother and sisters?? I can't afford (and wouldn't if I could!) to refill my tank every half keg! as a WELDER for [ 23 years ] its a very good to use [ soapy ] san star / soapy water,,,, to check for leaks, this is the best way to check for all / any leeks when using CO2 ,,,, A BACK ROOM OR CLOSET OF CO2 IS VERY DANGEROUS ,,,,, please double check all fittings ,,, thank you alb,,,,,,,,, :silly: ,,,
  11. way to go ,,,,,,,, [ DONT BLAME SWENOCHA ] :pound:
  12. "Beer-lord" post=332995 said:You should be ok but depending on the stress on the yeasts (if there were any) you may have some off flavors. That may work itself out with a longer conditioning time in the bottle. follow the advice above,,,,, you should be,,,,, OK,,,,, :barman:
  13. welcome,,, [attachment=11036]t.g.i.f._2013-02-09.jpg[/attachment]
  14. you could use 2 - 3 of them and let us know !!!!!!!!! im just saying,,,,,,,, :popbeer:
  15. one,,,,,,, [attachment=10709]borghomer.jpg[/attachment]
  16. i have added 1/2 tsp of coffee grounds to a 2.5gal batch of american porter,,,, its a month old and has a bitter coffee taste for now,,, it may get better in 2 more months,,,,
  17. way to go,,,,, a drinking man, is a thinking man........its the thought that counts,,,,,,,,,,,, [attachment=10660]libertybrew.jpg[/attachment]
  18. i do bolth,,,,, i start at 60+ for 2-1/2 weeks,,,,then let it warm up for a few days,,,, this can give some extra flavors [ esters ] aka [ bananas ] they can be good or bad for your beer ,,,,,,,thats up to the beer style you are making,,, :cheers:
  19. the more you read the better your brew,,,,,,,,,,,, :drinking: :popbeer:
  20. i guess you can pour it in to a glass , then add a few drops,,,, but true IRISH beers are red-to-dark ,,,enjoy!!! :stout:
  21. :sweat: it might be be ok tasteing skunk piss brew,,,,,,,, :charlie:
  22. [ LBK ] MAKE IT SO,,,,,,,,,,, [attachment=10505]makeitsnow.jpg[/attachment]
  23. in a few weeks you will have good beer ,, just stick to it,,,,,,, :barman:
  24. meads can be hard or ez ,, that depends on what you want make,,, 2lbs honey = per=1gal ,,,,,you can use [red star bread yeast] found at every store,,or beer yeast,,, your 1st mead should be simple ,,,,,add some rasins / 3 oranges [cut up],,, i rack to another jug every 3 weeks,,,, and in 3-4 months it will be [ jet fule ] hot fusle to the taste,,,,,, this is will need time to age,,,,, many others here can help you out,,,,,,, 1st day,,,, [attachment=10485]mead2.5gal.jpg[/attachment] 2nd day,,, [attachment=10486]meadday2.jpg[/attachment]
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