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  1. Hmmm... it doesn't. When I choose an HME under "Malt & Fermentables" it gives me gravity and ABV and calories, but not IBUs.
  2. So if I'm following a simple Mr. Beer recipe (UME+HME) and I want to track my recipes and notes using hopville, what should I enter in for hops? My 3 recipes are 1. Englishman's Nut-Brown HME + Pale Export UME 2. Classic American Blonde Ale HME + Pale Export UHE 3. Cowboy Golden Lager HME + Booster Thanks.
  3. I know that this is an old thread, but I have another question about boiling hops. So after reading yankeedag's guidelines, I understand the timing better with the "T Minus" timing. But when it says things like 1000% Flavor at 22 minutes, what does that percentage refer to? Is it that the beer is at its maximum flavor or that you have gotten all the flavor out of the hops? Also, does this mean that at "Launch" I could have 2 bags of hops in the wort if I was working for flavor and aroma? Thanks
  4. Yeah good point. I'm just getting really excited about this stuff :-)
  5. Awesome, thanks guys. This makes more sense, but only leads to more questions: 1. Can/should I dry hop with Premium Refills like American Devil or Witty Monk? 2. Can I hop boil with Standard Refills using the Booster to boil in? 3. Would hop boiling Standard Refills add flavor without adding a lot body? Thanks again.
  6. I've been reading that people are boiling hops instead of the dry hopping option suggested by Mr Beer. I understand that it helps add flavor, aroma, and bitterness. How does this process work exactly? What do I boil the hops in? Can I boil them in HME? Thanks.
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