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  1. Is that extra conditioning time needed because of 1 cup of honey?
  2. Hello Gary. The Mr. Beer recepies I've done recommend that the hop sack be placed in the hot wort and then into the fermentor for the entire fermentation period. The Shilleghle Stout turned out quite good after being dry hopped three weeks.
  3. With fresh fruits coming into season in the Northeast I'd like to know how they might be used instead of the canned varieties. Would boiling be required before being introduced into the wort or fermentor? Thanks
  4. Two quick questions ref. this recipe. It calls for the coffee beans to be 'coarsely crushed'. Does that mean chopped or mashed with a mallet or something else? Also, would 1 oz. (or more) of unsweetened bakers chocolate be a good addition for this style? Just trying to get it right. Thanks, John
  5. I'm waiting for delivery of keg #3. I started like many, with the gift of the kit at Christmas. I have to edit myself now at work and home and try NOT to talk about brewing all the time.
  6. Getting ready to bottle the Shellaghle Stout tomorrow and have a question. I'm cleaning some Stella Artois 11.2 oz bottles and I've noticed that the crown is slightly different from the 'Sam Adams' type top. They seem to accept a cap well enough. Is anyone familiar with or have had issues with this type of bottle for home brew?
  7. Long Island, NY. I recently 'discovered' the Blue Point Brewery tasting room! I hope The Island is made more tolerable with home brew.
  8. All bottled up. I guess I was blaming the booster (perhaps wrongly) for a more rigorous fermentation, foamy top and cloudy result. Hope it works out. I used a couple of the Blue Point 22 oz bottles that were recently emptied. Nice look with the larger bottle. Thanks for reassurance.
  9. The Saflafer s-23yeast that came with the Spring Maibock states that it is 'Genuine bottom fermenting commercial yeast for lager and pilsner production'. The 11.5g package can dose 20-30 liters at room tempurature. Twice that (2 packages) is recommended for 51-59 degree fermentation. So...if I am using the 8.5 liter MB fermenters, can I slpit the 11.5g package and pitch both the Maibock and Pilothouse with the lager yeast? Would the Pilothouse be better off with the ale yeast included with the HME? Would the Maibock be better off with the whole package of Saflager? Thanks for the help.
  10. Are other canned fruits or pie fillings acceptable or are the Oregon fruits the only way to go?
  11. I had planned on bottling the American Devil IPA today but it still seems very cloudy. Tastes fine, not sweet and it has been fermenting three weeks. Still, I had thought it would clear up more. I am sorry I added the booster to the wort. I will booster no more forever. So...should I bottle or wait?
  12. yankeedag wrote: Welcome to the BeerBorg Information Center. You will be assimilated. Resistance is quite Futtile: we have beer. .0625Xbottle size will give you the tsp amount. as far as the ageing... that would be awful close. it's gonna be a wee bit green. A bit green eh? Well, you can't rush these things I guess. Thanks for the priming formula. That works out roughly to 1.5 tsp. for the 750ml bottle and double for the magnum, right? Does a larger bottle mean a greater pressure build up? If I keep to the proper prime amounts, the caps should hold? Again, thanks.
  13. Hello to all from Long Island. A day off and an ice storm means I'll be bottling the Sticky Wicket Stout today. I'm new to this having brewed and bottled only the WCPA and the Whispering Wheat standard mixes so far. I also have the American Devil IPA fermenting now. My question involves a using 750ml and magnum bottles for the home brew. I have these having consumed the Affligem Noel and Anchor Christmas Ales within. The 750ml bottle has a mushroom cork with a nifty cage to hold it down. The magnum will take a regular bottle cap. So...how much sugar sould be used for priming bottles of this size? Is it alright to use the magnum? Also, will the stout be in shape to open on March 13th? That is the date of the local St. Patrick's Parade and family gathering. thanks for the help.
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