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  1. Most fruit beers do not require a hop addition. It tends to clash with the fruit. Fruit beer tends to be more malty. Just the style of beer and my opinion. FWIW. :cheers:
  2. "MattP1981" post=346548 said:Well good to know on the amount and times to toast! Think the Fuggles are a good choice? Watch'em closely when toasting because the oats will burn quickly if you are not paying attention. Burnt is not a good flavor profile. :drinking:
  3. "k9dude" post=346524 said:I use 1/2 lb of oats in all my LBK sized oatmeal stouts and they've come out great. In fact in my collaboration brew I'm doing with RayYankee we're using 1/2 lb of flaked oats. I use a full pound for 5 gallon batches. Most oatmeal stout recipes I've seen use this amount. I toast them 60 min at 325F turning every 15 minutes. +1 I use 1/2 lb of oatmeal in all my LBK batches and toast 60 minutes as well. :gulp:
  4. "Beer-lord" post=346483 said:Just my opinion but I think 1/2 lb of flaked oats is too much. I'd do 1/4 pound but as I've just used oats for the first time in my stout, I'd love to hear from those who have and what they think. I use oats in all my stouts and love them. However, I brown them first in the oven to draw out the flavor and then steep. yummy!!!! :cheers:
  5. "RickBeer" post=343840 said:I think it keeps it away from the nozzle, which is the desired goal, but haven' measured the front vs. back depth. You may be right, I just haven't noticed much of a difference. :popbeer:
  6. Nice pictures of the LBKs on the CD case. I notice your picture was similar to mine in that using the CD does not really force the trub to the back of the fermentor. Both pictures show trub equally throughout the bottom. This was very similar to my experience, so I don't use a CD case anymore because I don't believe it has effect on trub accumulation. This appears to be more fiction than fact. :cheers:
  7. "packerduf" post=342905 said: "richtazz" post=342836 said:...Can you mix up sanitizer in the Slimline, place your racking tubing inside it to sanitize them, then empty the sanitizer through the slimline's spigot into your bottles to sanitize them... Absolutely, you can. +1 Its how I do it. :popbeer:
  8. "swenocha" post=342133 said:You can easily scale any recipe down to 2.4 gallon. I either do AG like that or in 3 gallon better bottles almost exclusively. Just cut any recipe down by a factor of .48 (or .5 if you don't care to be that precise). I also do lagers all of the time... Two weeks in the lager fridge, 4 days or so out of the fridge for a d-rest, and a couple more weeks in the fridge, then bottle. +1 to what Swen says. I exclusively do 2.4 gallon batches and use 5 gallons recipes and cut them by .5, mainly because I am lazy and it's easy. I have done one lager and used the same method as Swen and it came out great. I have 2 lbks and one slimline and everything works great for me. :cheers:
  9. I'm drinking mine right now. I used the Robust as well. I lightly carbed (2.0) per style and I like it. A very enjoyable winter brew. :cheers:
  10. "manosteel9423" post=340340 said:Just make stouts and porters...no need to worry about clarity!! :stout: :pound: I do in the winter. Like good IPA's and Pale Ale's in the summer.
  11. Don't know if it's right or not, but I store my unused DME, LME, grains and yeast in my beer fridge and hops in the freezer. I believe I read it here on the borg, somewhere. :charlie:
  12. If you go commando with the hops, like I do, cold crashing will help drop the hop particles into the trub and in turn not clog the spigot.
  13. "BlackDuck" post=337660 said:Good move on the 15 minute Citra addition!! I would definitely dry hop it. It really needs it. +1 on the dry hop. Dry hopped mine and it turned out well. :cheers:
  14. I can't comment on the Winter Dark because I just bottled it yesterday. I will let you know in a few weeks. Regarding the Diabolo, I am drinking it now. I did a small hop boil in .5 lbs of light dme. I did .25 of Liberty for 20 minutes and .25 Liberty at 7 minutes. I used Liberty because its what I had on hand. Personally, I like it and would consider it an IPA. I will do it again in the future for a quick easy brew. I give it two thumbs up. :stout:
  15. I purchased the last 3 cans of ADIPA during the clearance sale I think for 4-5 bucks a can - I can't remember exactly. I am looking for a cheap beer with no extra cost than the cost of the HME's. I am going brew all 3 cans like a seasonal. I have .5 ounces of Northern Brewer Hops in the freezer so I am going to split it and do a 20 and 7 minute boil - commando. I don't have any DME on hand so I am going to the boil with some booster I have had laying around for about a year. I know I should use DME, however, this is a cheap beer and we will see what happens. Brew on!!!! :chug:
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