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  1. There's a bunch of fruit beer recipes in the recipe section on the Mr. Beer home page. Also, there are a number of hard cider recipes there as well. I made the Tuttle River Tart which is a cherry hard cider. Not my cup of tea, but my dad loved it. There are also a number of hard lemonade threads. Just type hard lemonade in the search box on the forum. I made one last summer as well and it was very good.
  2. My suggestion for you is to add a can of Pale Export with WCPA and not use the booster. Brew the recipe per the instructions and compare the final product. I think the final result will be much better.
  3. Made mine in September and started drinking it on Christmas. I also had one last night and its very good, though I think I like Old St. Nick a weee bit better.
  4. Cheers!! Welcome aboard there's plenty of room. :cheers:
  5. Munton's Imperial Stout is excellent. I got the 5 gallon kit from Brew Gadgets for about $24 bucks. It comes in 2 three pound cans. One works perfect for the LBK, so you get a case of beer for about $12. I am drinking one and will brew the other can in about a week. Can't beat it.
  6. Just type hard lemonade in the search box for the forum. There is a number of threads dealing with hard lemonade. Try this link: http://community.mrbeer.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=124&func=view&catid=20&id=86954
  7. Cleveland013 wrote: Hey Brew-tality. East side of Cleveland here. You exactly described my experience. Krausen layer on top, good bubbling, cloudyness, then I thought it got too cold because everything seemed to stop like you said. But my trub layer is building up so I'm making beer too! Great to meet a fellow Ohioer! Not to hijack the thread, but what are part of cleveland you from? Wadsworth, Ohio here.
  8. Welcome aboard. There's plenty of room!!!! :cheers:
  9. allenc85 wrote: Thanks for the input guys. With no LHBS within 2 hours I'm pretty limited in what I can use. I didn't know if it would be better to double the HME or add a UME, but the Pale Export sounds better. I hope to get to brewing this by the first of February in time for Cinco de Mayo. Dave - I see where you are currently drinking Golden Harp Ale and Witty Monk, how are you liking those? Those are two next in line for me to brew, and will be my first time using hops other than HME obviously. Any tips/suggestions. I also was thinking of trying to bottle some of the GHA with green dye for St Patty's day. Thoughts? Most LHBS have websites and I frequently purchase products from them off the web just like Mr. Beer. If you search hard enough, you can often find deals.
  10. Screwy Brewer wrote: I used freeze dried bitter orange rinds that I picked up at my LHBS, mixed with coriander you can't believe the citrusy goodness. [img size=300]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-6UrIfCx2_oM/TvO5xV1frDI/AAAAAAAACYY/vPfewAraPQo/s640/scrywitz-1.jpg I Love My Screwy Witz Witbier!Hey Screwy: what is your recipe for your Witz Witbier, I just purchased a lot of Whispering Wheat on sale at BB&B and I am searching for a nice wheat recipe and this thread looks promising. Thanks.
  11. StumpyMcNubs wrote: Sounds great, but do I need to use whole coriander or does crushed/powdered work? And as for the hydrometer, I will definitely pick one up. also, what does LHBS stand for? Sorry. So this is what I have for a recipe so far, keep in mind that it isn't done yet, and I don't have all the measurements either, it's just a ruff sketch. Start with a wheat based HME boost honey about 3/4 tbs coriander, crushed about 2 bitter orange rinds, zested about 1 or 2 lemon rinds, zested 3/4 tbs cinnamon So that is all I have so far, any thoughts on editing? LHBS stands for Local Home Brew Store.
  12. Welcome aboard!!! There's plenty of room.
  13. No bottles, no problem. Feel free to send the keg over, I have plenty of bottles. NYUK!! NYUK!! NYUK!!!
  14. Welcome to the passion!!! Patience is a virtue and essential when home brewing. Sounds like you'll be fine!!!! :barman:
  15. Trollby wrote: Well mine had several Mr. B two-packs (HCCD & WWW only sets) also had tons of Deluxe kits and Rootbeer kits (all out of refills for rootbeer) Got my son a rootbeer kit Soo no two packs?
  16. Welcome aboard!!! My only advice is to be patient. Even the basic Mr. Beer recipes will make good beer. Make your first couple of batches as is and then start to branch out and modify.
  17. My local store had very little as well. Just the Deluxe kits and the standard refills - very expensive. I waited till after Christmas because I assumed they would go on sale. The only thing they had left was four standard refills on the clearance shelf along with one rootbeer refill, so I decide to pick em up.
  18. Just got back from BB&B. My local store at the standard refill kits. Whispering Wheat and HCCD for 50% off. Bought all four they had on the shelf. Plus had a 20% coupon and $5 off coupon. Saved over $50. Probably won't brew them straight up but will use them in other recipes. If you have a store close probably worth a trip. :banana:
  19. I enjoyed my ADIPA as well. Will probably make it again.
  20. Na, you'll make beer. It might just take longer to condition the brown sugar and honey out that's all. Next time just use a full pound of DME and a full can of Whispering Wheat and you are golden. :chug:
  21. On another thread, I mentioned that I bottled primed with Munton's and both batches were under carbed. I pitched them and now batch prime with cane sugar.
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