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  1. genotype wrote: Made this one and it came out quite good American Devil Imperial IPA Batch 2.13 gal Recipe Gravity 1.092 OG Estimated FG 1.023 FG Recipe Bitterness 152 IBU Alcohol by Volume 8.9% Recipe Color 14° SRM 0.71 lb Maple Syrup Sugar Other 1.21 lb MrB. American Devil IPA Extract Extract 1.21 lb MrB. American Devil IPA Extract Extract 1.21 lb MrB. American Devil IPA Extract Extract 1.21 lb MrB. Pale Export UME Extract Extract 0.50 oz Columbus Pellet 10 minutes 0.50 oz Columbus Pellet 20 minutes 0.50 oz Magnum Pellet 60 minutes 1.00 oz MrB. American Devil IPA Pellet 5 minutes 1.00 oz MrB. American Devil IPA Pellet 5 minutes 1.00 oz MrB. American Devil IPA Pellet 5 minutes 1.00 unit Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast Yeast American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS WOW!!! That looks great. I may have to try that one!!! :woohoo:
  2. Let em sit for another couple of weeks and hope for the best. I have always bottled primed using cane sugar with no problems. A couple months ago I purchased some Muntons Carb Tabs from my LHBS because they were on sale and I'm lazy. Bottled my Christmas Ale and Woodforde's Nog using them and both batches are carbed just as you have described. I have no experience using Cooper's but the carb tabs may be the problem. I threw mine away and I'm now batch priming using cane sugar. That's probably the way to go.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have a LHBS close that carries it in stock, so I might just go ahead and pick one up for next year.
  4. I am branching out as well just doing 2.4 gallon batches. My wife doesn't drink, works well for designated drivers, but a 5 gallon batch is too big for me. Download Qbrew and the database off Screwy's website, www.screwybrewer.com. I did that, I input the 5 gallon recipes into the program and then play with numbers and quanities to fit into a 2.40 gallon. The program is easy to use and once you get the hang of it you will have no problem converting 5 gallon recipes into 2.4 or 2.13 gallon recipes. Just my 2 cents.
  5. BugLaden wrote: I think the funkiness is the fact it's still a green beer. With conditioning that young quality disappears. I too noticed a funky taste when I bottled. I thought "Ew, I hope this gets better." But it has until the holidays to do that. I'll definitely update this thread when I put it online. I would try your Abbey at 3 months, and then 4 months if you can stand the wait. I wouldn't think it would take longer than that. Hey Bug, what's the verdict on the Brewferm Christmas? Keeper or not so much.
  6. Fat Pete wrote: Why don't you just use the Booster in your wort and batch prime with corn sugar, or table sugar, or honey? Used Booster in the wort many times and the beer tasted great. Never quite got the stigma about using the Booster. Agreed. I have used booster a few times with no problems. I just use table sugar to bottle and batch prime with no problems. My suggestion is dump the booster in the wort and use table sugar to prime.
  7. Yea, I expected at least what happened with my Nog, which was similar to yours. Just odd how the same kit can act so differently.
  8. OG was 1.054 and TG is 1.022 six days in. Projected FG is 1.014. So I am going to shut up and leave it alone though it is a strange.
  9. Woodforde is Munton so both batches were pitched with Munton's Gold yeast just done a week apart. I use a hydro on all my batches, so I could taking a reading to see if there has been any action. The lack of Krausen doesn't concern me as much as no trub and I am now 6 days in. I am starting to think its a bad yeast packet.
  10. I have my first batch that doesn't want to cooperate. Brewed up a Munton Imperial Stout. Boil water, throw the can in, pitch and your done. I pitched a full packet of Munton's gold at 66 degrees on November 1, 2011 and as of today there is no action. First day had a thin layer of Krausen then by day 2 it was gone. I moved the LBK around a little to try and drum up some activity. I let it go and checked it again this morning. It has a few bubbles on top and every now and then a bubble will come to the surface but no Krausen and no Trub. Current temp. is 68 degrees. LBK right next to it has Woodforde's Nog in it for about a 9 days and has about an inch and half of trub. I have an extra 05 yeast packet and I am thinking of throwing about half of it in to try and get it going or should I let it go for another couple of days. Any and all opinions are welcome.
  11. If your looking for an easy Imperial Stout, check out brewgadgets.com. They have their Munton Gold Series on sale right. Two Mr. Beer size batches for $23.99. Can't beat the price.
  12. Congratulations!! I am currently drinking ADIPA and I believe you will enjoy it. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!!!!!
  13. Dumb question. What size tube fits in the locking spigot??? :sombrero:
  14. Agreed. I think that looks interesting. I bought two cans of Munton's Imperial Stout for $25.00. It was onsale and a good deal. Two 3lb cans for a 5 gallon batch, so I am going to use one can in the lbk and make two batchaes. I was planning on brewing it tonight and debating whether I should steep some oatmeal into it and some cocoa or just brew as is.
  15. If I were you, I would invest in a Hydrometer. Most Mr. Beer recipes now show both an OG and FG and I don't brew without one. You can get them from Mr. Beer or your LHBS. They are easy to use and takes the guess work out of when to bottle. Also take a look at Screwy's site, www.thescrewybrewer.com, and download Qbrew. I don't brew without it and its an easy way to caculate and use recipes. All Mr. Beer products are in the database. :mow:
  16. I made some FPP myself. I modified the receipe and ran it like a seasonal. One can of Mr. Beer HCCD, 2 pounds breiss pilsner DME and .5 ounce of Saaz hops at 20 minutes and .5 ounce at 7 minutes. I drank my tester on easter and it was very good. So good in fact, I may start drinking it early!!!
  17. Just ordered mine. Also picked up a Jamaica Mon. My last two summer brews before I start to go back to the dark beers for the fall and winter. :banana:
  18. waltripcrew wrote: I have read and reread the instructions and have looked across the forums but I can not figure out at what point to put the blueberries and honey into the mix. Can someone help a old fart out? Thanks Jeff Hey old fart: take a look at the instructions again, it tells you when to add the honey and blueberries in the mix. http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/266/nm/Blue_Lightning1
  19. dferron wrote: Not FedoraDave here, but mine turned out absolutely awesome. Shared one with my neighbor. Said he didn't know if he would like it, but would give it a try. He thought it was GREAT. There is no heat with mine, only a nice bright jalepeno aroma and taste. This will definitely be one to brew again. Thanks for the response. Did you brew per instructions? I was thinking of adding 1 pound of light DME to give it somemore body.
  20. Fedoradave: Trying to decide on my next beer and this one caught my eye. Sounds like a good summer beer. How did yours turn out and what was were receipe if you don't mind giving it out.
  21. I just bottled mine today after 3 weeks. It did ferment down to .30 from off the charts and I bagged the bottles, but if I were you I would try to get the temp. up in the high 60s and give it three weeks. What's the harm in waiting another couple of weeks. :barman:
  22. Thanks Swen: I checked it again this morning and nothing. The lemonade is just sitting there looking at me. I am going to check the gravity again tomorrow and if it's the same I will bottle and bag. Hopefully no bombs. Thanks again.
  23. Quick question. I am three weeks in on my lemonade and gravity hasn't moved in a week and its currently sitting at .30. I made the original malt variation of the receipe and O.G. was off the scale. I tried gently rolling it last night and increased the temp. to about 70 to try and restart. My orignal yeast is 05. My question is I have a pack of MB yeast laying around that I didn't use on an earlier batch, but since I am three weeks in so is it too late to throw it in to try and get it going again? Suggestions?
  24. Yep, your right I will lightly carb it. Thanks.
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