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  1. I just brewed my hard lemonade last Sunday and my OG was off the scale. I have no idea what it was. I've been reading the various threads about the lemonade and came up with my own receipe. The wife really likes Mike's Hard Lemonade, so I decided to make a malt lemonade. I used 1 lb. of Breiss Golden DME; 1 pack of booster; .75lb. of lactose and 4 cans of frozen Lemonade. I pitch it with 05 ale yeast. I used swen's calculation on the corn syrup and ran it through Qbrew and had an estimated OG of around 1.068. However, when I took a OG it was off the scale. Tasted great before the pitch, but who knows what the FG will be. I will certainly bag it when I bottle to prepare for bottle bombs. Should be an interesting experiment!!
  2. I brewed the WCPA with the Pale UME and Booster as my second batch. I been in the bottle almost 4 weeks. I opened a trubby bottle after 2 weeks and was surprised how good it was. I know WCPA gets a lot of grief here on the borg but I thought mine was surprisingly good - very drinkable. My sugestion is to brew it up with the Pale UME and booster and you may be pleasantly surprised with the result.
  3. I use a funnel, sanitized first and have had no problems. :barman:
  4. yankeedag wrote: I'd be more interested in finding out if the beer was fully fermented or if you bottled early. How long did the wort sit in the fermemtner, temps, etc.? I am certainly no expert but I have bottled two batches per instructions and I have had no problems with botttle bombs. I did however buy a hydrometer right off from my LHBS so I was sure both batches were ready to bottle. Yankeedag is asking the right questions regarding your problem.
  5. Wadsworth, Ohio - about 15 miles west of Akron.
  6. With that much trub aren't bottle bombs a possibility??
  7. I fixed it though my picture taking is pretty crappy.
  8. Here's my first pour of Nut Brown Ale with Mellow Amber at just shy of 4 weeks in the bottle. The beer had no aroma to speak of and the flavor was decent. No cidery or sweet taste at all. The one problem is that it's a little fizzy. I probably overcarbonated a touch because I used heaping tsps. This probably affected the flavor of the beer a touch. I didn't heap the tsps. with the batch I bottled a week ago so I am interested in the difference. Anyway, an excellent first attempt and I will have no problem polishing it off. Cheers!!!!! :cheers: Let's try again with the picture.
  9. Brewed up the Abbey Dubbel using your suggestions, ground and boiled by my hops and corriander 15 minutes. Hit my OG on the button. Let me know how yours turns out - both of them. :chug:
  10. Awesome. I am going to boil for 15 minutes in the UME instead of dry hop. Also, I am going to up the brown sugar to 1/2 cup. I am a malt head so I am really looking forward to this. :stout:
  11. Looks great I may eventually try that. As luck would have it I am brewing the Abbey Dubbel receipe this afternoon. I am using the basic Mr. Beer receipe but I am subsituting the Mr. Beer yeast with the same liquid yeast you used. I have been going back and forth about boiling the hops or just dry hopping as the receipe calls for. What would you suggest?
  12. I like ales and dark beers as well. I am trying to get a variety going as well. I have Englishman's Nut Brown in the bottle and WCPA I will probably bottle tomorrow. Next up I have Abbey Dubbel on order and will go in the keg next week. Just trying to get a pipeline of a of different beers.
  13. Not to bump the thread, but I am looking to decide between 12oz and swingtop 16oz bottles. I have 3 cases of 12 oz. and I am looking to pick up a couple of cases of 16oz. swingtops. I realize it is a personal preference, but what glass size everyone uses?
  14. I took the suggestions from the borg and bought a hydrometer and downloaded Qbrew from the screwybrewer's website www.thescrewybrewer.com. You can put your receipe's through Qbrew and it will give you the gravity readings for original and final. That way you take the quess work out of it. Just my thoughts.
  15. I have WCPA fermenting now with the Pale UME and a bag of booster. As long as you keep your adjunct ratio in line adding the booster is fine. The booster will "boost" the ABV a some.
  16. No, but it will taste flater. The sugar is needed to carbonate the beer. :popbeer:
  17. I ran the receipe through Qbrew it says I have a ABV of 49. :chug:
  18. I believe if you use Cooper's enhancer it makes a 5 gallon batch. Maybe you could just use 1/2 of the enhancer if you are only going use one keg. I have been eyeing this one as well for the summer. I was just going to use a full Cooper's HME and throw in a bag of booster. My LHBS sells Mr. Beer products so I can get my hands on booster.
  19. I don't understand the chase of ABV. I don't drink beer to get drunk, I drink it for flavor. In my future batches, I am going to be chasing flavor and taste. I believe if you do that the ABV will come along, but that's just me.
  20. FrozenIn Time: After doing some further research on the topic, I am taking your advice - booster it is.
  21. I was wondering the same thing. I'm about to brew my second batch using WCPA with both the HME and UME. I was going to ditch the booster and add 2 cups of honey at flame out. Will the honey add any significant flavor or should I just forget it and use the booster?
  22. Are you using both yeast packets or just one?
  23. Hi all: a question regarding the Fermenting Temp. I brewed my batch on Monday and the keg is sitting on a self in my home office at a room temp. of 68. Initially, the keg had a temp. of 66. Yesterday the keg temp. has risen to 70 and today it's up to 72. there is a nice head on top and I assume the temp is rising because the yeast is eating away and creating yeast. My question is should the temp. being rising? I assume the temp. will level off at some point and what temp. should I be concerned about cooling it down? Thanks.
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