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  1. Hi All, I am a first timer as well. Got my Mr. Beer from Santa on Christmas. It wasn't a total surprise since it was on my list I sent to the North Pole. Anyway, I am a long time beer drinker, primarily micro-brews such as Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog, Rogue and an occasional Sam Adams. I am not a pale ale guy, so I set aside the WCPA to be used in a future receipe and ordered the Englishman's Nut Brown Ale deluxe. Brewed it last night and followed the instructions to the letter. The keg is now fermenting on the self in my home office at at constant temp. of 66 degrees. I plan on following the 2-2-2 rule outlined in the forum. I should have no problem waiting on it as I still have 2 cases of the famous Great Lakes Christmas Ale to go through, and I plan on saving the bottles to use for a future batch as a liter of beer is a lot for me to go through at one sitting. Anyway, what's the consensus on the quality of the Nut Brown Ale? I am looking forward to it. Happy Brewing!!!
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