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  1. Just over 21day in the fermenter..@65. It ill sit for other 21 day before i drink..... and 1/2 tsp Thanks This is my first try at a Cider...well see
  2. Hey Guys, I have not been around in a couple of months, but have been brewing. Now Im getting ready to bottle a hardcider in 12oz glass bottles. How much table sugar should i use in each bottle? Thanks Dalton
  3. Not a big fan... Oh wait you said dry hopping...not dry humping sorry..... carry on
  4. I have a neighbor who likes to garden and was asking about growing hops for me...Im going to forward him the links...thanks
  5. looking for favor...so I'm going to boil 1/2 the pack (of a 1/2 oz pack) and dry hop the rest.
  6. How long should I boil the hops?
  7. Ok going to brew tomorrow.. input please.. first time putting together a recipe..Qbrew it (if I did it right ) it should be Ok MBB-Oct.Vienna HME MRB-Golden Wheat UME 1 Booster Saf WB-06 1/2oz Perle hops Notes Pinch 1/2 pack of Saf WB-06 (about 5.8g) Can I hop boil half pack of the Perle to add more of the hop favor?(Should I?)Not sure how these hops taste? And dry hop the rest for aroma? Any ideas/comments?
  8. Over all dry hopping give the beer ..What? taste?
  9. Ok I get boiling hop in different times, But what does dry hopping mean. Im guessing its when you add the hops to the fermenter? And leave in...?
  10. I just order some of these not as fancy, but it will work. You will have to order plastic caps.. Growler http://www.sunflowersupplies.com/products/QTY%3A6-GLASS-64-OZ-AMBER-GROWLER-BOTTLE-BEER-HOMEBREW-JUG-NEW-BREW.html Caps http://www.sunflowersupplies.com/products/POLY-GROWLER-SCREW-CAP-38MM-BEER-BOTTLE-JUG-REUSABLE.html
  11. +1 I have seen his videos a couple of times...I like his stuff sample and to the point ..
  12. I have to get a hydrometer now that i know how to use one.....
  13. YA the beer has been in the fermenter for 3 weeks. So Im going to bottle tonight
  14. Ya its been fermenting for 22 days, I moved the keg to a warmer room. Let it sit there until tomorrow. Ill see what happens...
  15. L! I hear ya...I had the same idea. Back on track I thinking I'm going to bring the temp up and bottle in a day or two..
  16. 2.5 gal total with bottles and shipping would be 24$.if i win that is I did see a 6gal on also MRB keg with air lock...
  17. So I have a bid on a older MRB Keg the one with a air lock. Are these MRB kegs any better then the new one... opinion on this?
  18. I know, I know, I need to get a Hydrometer....I guess Ill have to go to my LHBS.
  19. Ya it taste like beer just a little more sweet the the test one a couple of days ago...
  20. Thats what Im thinking...It should be ok.
  21. Hello, I was getting ready to bottle my MRB recipe Howlin red ale. No I dont have a Hydrometer yet, but I did a taste test a couple of days ago and it tasted like flat beer like it should...Today i got everything ready and did a quick taste test and now it taste a little sweet. It had been in the fermenter for 22 days @ about 63 degrees. Because of bad weather here in Philly my new bottles came a couple of days late....Should I bottle or wait? Thanks guys
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