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  1. sjeffery524 wrote: Hi all! My Russian Imperial is finally ready to bottle. OG was at 1.062, FG now 1.011. I used S-05 yeast, worked wonders. It tastes awesome, roasty, malty, espresso-y. I know stouts are supposed to be thick and creamy and dark and I wonder if cold crashing will take some of that away. Have any of you cold crashed a stout before? What were your results? I can't wait to crack one of these open in November after the ample 6 month conditioning time! What is the recipe of this delicious sounding brew?
  2. When it comes to stouts and porters remember to NOT over carbonate. To much carbonation especially if it's like cola, it will make the stouts and porters seem thin. Use a carbonation calculator.
  3. I'm fine with their kegs. If I could ask them to do anything different I would ask them to make the seasonals a permanent thing, not limited edition, and to offer their other "flavors", if you will, in the same size as the seasonals. A three pound can of ADIPA would be awesome. :cheer:
  4. I love the smell of Anthrax in the morning...
  5. I dry hop at week 2 of a 3 week fermentation.
  6. oly wrote: Vodka or Everclear are good options for sanitizing food items. +1
  7. Although, I used fresh coconut for my coconut porter, and coconut is a fruit. But for the most part use pasteurized juices.
  8. It is great. I used it to make my coconut porter out of it. :cheer:
  9. jmp103086 wrote: After following this thread for awhile I decided to give it a try. I used 2 cans black tower porter hme, 1 can creamy brown ume, 1/4 cup light brown sugar , meat from one whole coconut, us-05 yeast. I'm a bit concerned though... I never saw any foam form and after tasting it a 2 weeks in the fermenter it was very thick still. Will the body thin during conditioning? It did have a very nice coconut flavor. Hmm...Mine foamed like shaving cream for 6-7 days. And I used only 2 fromunda yeast packets. I fermented for 3 weeks. Don't know why yours didn't or why yours is thick. What are your temps?
  10. I think the Safale US-04 would be a good choice.
  11. This is my next brew in the queue. After my English Pub Ale and Frankenbeer finish fermenting. Can't wait to hear how it tastes. :cheer:
  12. Hippiemusic wrote: Thats it. After reading this entire thread this one is going in after my IPA is done. You won't be disappointed. :cheer:
  13. yankeedag wrote: such as the last 5 days of a 21 day fermentation? As in, putting it in after the first week when the Krausen has pretty much died down. So it would be dry hopping the last 2 weeks of a 3 week fermentation. Also, I take that boiling hops graph with a grain of salt. I don't think you can say aroma dies at 15-20 minutes and flavor is dead at 40 minutes. It's more of a ball park graph to me.
  14. Personally I think you should dry hop AFTER primary fermentation.
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