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  1. Hi guys, Sorry I haven't been posting as much, life has been hectic, but a good kind of hectic. Unfortunately I haven't had as much time to devote to bottling my beer so I have a batch of Jamaican Ale that has been in the fermenter since the last week of March. Have I let it go too long? Will the extended time in the fermenter help or hurt it? Thanks!!
  2. I actually let mine ferment for 20 days before I bottled it. I also let it carbonate/condition in the bottle for 4 weeks and put it in the fridge for 2 days before I tried it. I will definitely put pics up as soon as I get them off my phone!
  3. I was worried about how it was gonna turn out from reading some of the horror stories on the forum. But I followed all the rules and advice from the knowledgable folks on the forum and I'm happy to report my first brew, the West Coast Pale Ale that comes with the kit, rules! It turned out waaaaay better than I hoped it would. I would have been happy if it was drinkable, but I'm very happy to report it turned out great! Much love and thanks to all you knowledgable brewmasters who helped me get to this point! Now I'm excited! I currently have an Red Ale bottled that will be ready the weekend before St Patty's Day, a Wheat Beer that should be ready a week after that and I have the Cowboy Lager and the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner fermenting! I think my hobby is getting out of hand and I owe it to you guys! Thanks!!
  4. Hello all, My first ever batch of beer will be ready to drink on Friday. (It's been in the bottle for one month on Friday!) My question is, do you think it would make a difference if I went ahead and put one in the fridge on Wednesday so it will be nice and chilled on Friday for a proper tasting or would you wait until Friday to put it in the fridge and have the "tasting" on Sunday? Either way, I'm excited!
  5. @ Yankeedag Ewww. I definitely don't want that! So Oxyclean Free huh? Can I pick that up at Walmart or somewhere similar? The reason I ask is of course the minute I get done bottling that batch I want to clean the fermenter and load up another batch!
  6. @ Yankeedag Ewww. I definitely don't want that! So Oxyclean Free huh? Can I pick that up at Walmart or somewhere similar? The reason I ask is of course the minute I get done bottling that batch I want to clean the fermenter and load up another batch!
  7. Hi all, My first batch has fermented for 19 days and I took a taste today and decided it's time to bottle. I plan on bottling either tomorrow or Saturday. My question is this: I've heard you mention Oxy Free, is that the same thing as Oxy Clean and is that the best cleaner for the fermenter? As usual thanks ahead of time!
  8. Thought I would update you guys on my first batch! I've been good and left it alone and with any luck it should be ready to bottle by about early next week. I checked the fermenter yesterday and saw the thermostrip read about 67-68, and after holding a flashlight up to it I was overjoyed to find a layer of trub on the bottom and a healthy layer of bubbles on top! I now super excited to bottle this badboy up and get to work conditioning the beer! I think this is the beginning of a wonderful hobby....
  9. Thanks for all the advice you guys! This forum rocks and you guys are a great help for us newbies! When I finally get this batch finished I will hoist a mug in the air for all of you!
  10. I had planned on leaving it in at least 14 days. With that temp do you think I should wait an extra few? I may also pick up a hydrometer before bottling day.
  11. Hi guys, I know this has probably been covered somewhere on the forums but I thought I would ask. I've had my first ever batch of WCPA in the fermenter for a few days. The temp in the room where I keep it stays between 67 - 70, but when I checked the temp on the temp strip it said 64. Is 64 too cold or am I okay?
  12. Thanks for the tips! I just brewed my first batch recently and stirred the booster into the water with a whisk while it was warming. Next time I'm gonna try the boil the water first, then stir in. Otherwise my right arm is gonna end up looking like Popeye!
  13. Hey I'm also from the Charlotte area! Although I actually live to the west near Gastonia, NC! Nice to see some fellow Carolinians on here! And yes they do tend to freak out about snow and ice, although the last two days have been pretty crappy. I to put in my first brew this past Sunday and am anxiously awaiting the day I get to crack one open!
  14. Yeah that was the problem. I didn't realize you needed refrigerated water until right before I brewed so the water wasn't cold enough. I got it cooled down and pitched the yeast at right around 70 - 71. Next time I will get my water refrigerated ahead of time! lol Thanks to everyone who gave advice! I'm proud to have my first batch in the keg!
  15. While we're on the subject, what's the best way to cool the keg down?
  16. Cool, thanks! As long as I know it won't hurt anything to wait until the temp goes down a little!
  17. Basically I'm asking about pitching temperature. On the tutorials they said not to pitch it until the temp was near 70 because higher can cause bad taste and lower can slow down your fermentation. Is it okay to wait until the water cools down enough to properly pitch the yeast?
  18. I'm doing it the basic way that they show on the Mr. Beer tutorials. This is my first ever batch.
  19. Hi guys, I put my first batch of wert in the keg with the cool water. The temp strip on the side still shows it as being too warm (78+). I heard the sweet spot to add the hops is around 70. Is it okay to let it sit and wait for the water to cool down further? Thanks ahead of time!
  20. It actually came up in a conversation with another customer. Not much was said but they're not real enthusiastic about Mr B. It's fine though, in the future I will pick up supplies and not conversations which leaves me more time to brew!
  21. Excellent post! +1 on the voting!
  22. Hey what's up? Yesterday I stopped by the local homebrew store to pick up a thermo-strip for the keg to help me monitor the temperature and you guys weren't kidding. Some of these homebrew guys really don't like Mr. Beer at all. My question is why? I mean, from listening to all you guys Mr Beer makes good beer as long as you are careful and take proper care of your equipment. It's not like what you make with Mr. Beer isn't legit beer, it's just a slightly different process. Oh well, I won't let them get me down. I'm excited to brew my first batch later today. I have the feeling it's the start of a really obsessive hobby...
  23. Yeah what does "RDWHAHB" mean anyway?? And thanks for the advice! I plan on starting the brew saturday, I'll let you know how it goes!
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