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  1. thanks...great info here...along with great people!...
  2. how chilly is too chilly....mine are in a box and i have a towell over the box...probably 62 to 65 degrees there...i fermented for 20 days due to chill...smelled like beer when i bottled
  3. cool thanks all...i have to run to store for oxy clean...can i leave it sit or soak in water while gone?
  4. Gods country brewer wrote: I hold my bottles horizontal and twist it in the palm of my hand until the stuck sugar breaks free off the bottom, but I don't think it really matters the sugar will dissolve and the yeast will find it. exactly what i did!
  5. in process of botteling my first WCPA after fermenting since dec 26...only question is whats the best way to clean the keg to prepare for my next batch i will be starting one day this week ....
  6. thx... dont need to worry abt bombs?
  7. after a long awaited 21 days in fermenter i plan to bottle my first batch..im using grolsch 15.2oz bottles so i need .95 teaspoon of sugar in each...how close do i need to be...i was gonna us the teaspoon measurer do flicker and shake a tad out...or am i gonna screw up my batch???? thanks guys...tons of great help here!
  8. id let it sit for 2 weeks to carbinate...then 2 more weeks to condition...patience is a huge word here...mine is still in fermentor from dec.26...wait and you will see great results!
  9. if we meet them along the way you will say...Wheres that runnin game! :woohoo:
  10. im waiting the full 21 days...just feel better about it...its my first as well
  11. is there any advantage to using honey instead of sugar?
  12. im doing 21 days and the 2 and 2....just the advice i got here
  13. i woulda put a PBR in his hand!
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