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  1. So I just want to make sure I have the right idea. After the 2-3 week ferment, then heat on the stove top around 180* for about a half hour, then do I put back in the fermentor with new yeast?? and if so, for how long then? Also, when bottling since I bottle prime, would I still use the same amounts of sugar? I'm still kinda new so I want to make sure it is right.
  2. Hey all- I am in need of some help on how to go about making a low alcohol beer or even a n/a beer. I've not been able to brew for the last 2 months due to an injury. I ruptured my achilles tendon and have since had it repaired. Also, after surgery I developed a blood clot. That is now gone, but I'm on blood thinners....causing a problem, Only 2 regular beers per day!!! I'd like to make something that I can enjoy seeing is that I'm on the thinners for 6 months! I'm also only making my beer from the refill kits and haven't done any variations except adding simple things from around the kitchen. (zested orange, honey) Thanks in advance as always!! -Tim
  3. gotta hand it to you FD...you really have helped me quite a bit. I wanted to thank you for helping my with my first Orange Wheat Beer. Both my wife and I really love the brew. I used 1c. OJ and zested one orange as well with the WW. What great flavor!!!! Thanks again. It's one I'll brew over and over again. :chug:
  4. My first batch I used 16oz PET bottles and got 16 with about 6 oz left over. I've switched to glass on my last 2 batches and got 23 on one and 24 on the other. Both of those I've added something to. 1 cup of honey to the OVL and 1 cup OJ to the WW. And last night I finally to got try my first batch!! I liked the flavor but it has a hint of a cidery taste. I'll throw another one in the fridge Friday and try it again probably Monday. I'm hoping to tell the difference and importance of leaving it the final 2 weeks for conditioning. I was about a week early to try it, but it was my first and the waiting was killin me!! Will the cidery taste go away with time?? (it was the WCPA)
  5. I found one on craigslist friday for $10. It expired in Dec '09 but I really wanted another keg. I used the booster today after takin a hammer to it in a ziplock. Seemed to work just fine and I was using it with a HME and a UME. A little extra kick! Go Pack GO! :drinking:
  6. the HME expired Dec. '09. I think I am going to play it safe and use one of the other refills I have stocked up on. I took advantage of the 4 for 3 deal on amazon. Six weeks is a long time to wait for a brew that might not even be good. I haven't built up my pipeline yet so I'll stick to what I know. Use new products!! thanks for the advise guys.
  7. Hey all, I bought a Mr Beer kit from craigslist, mostly for the keg, but it did come with a standard refill. It is past the expiration date but I'm wondering if anyone has used one that is expired before. I was going to use a UME with it instead of the booster that is hard as a rock but don't want to waste a good UME on a bad HME... I guess at least I did get what I paid for cuz it was only 10 bucks. the same cost as a keg on Mr. Beer website. thanks again brew masters!!
  8. Welcome! I have really learned a lot from these guys already. I've brewed 3 batches so far and each one has gotten a little smoother! Enjoy and post updates.
  9. I'm a little concerned with this batch. I took a look with a flashlight today and there isn't alot of trub. About half the amount that I had with the WCPA....is this something I should worry about? I'm probably more worried about it then I should be, but will leaving it an extra week make a big difference? As always, thanks in advance. -T
  10. I used the standard Whisp. Wheat refill and added the zest at about 7 minutes left of the boil and added the juice the same time I added the HME. It really smelled great. Even my wife in the living room said that it smelled really good. Now the hard part, THE WAIT! Thanks for the help guys! :cheers:
  11. Fedora Dave- When do you add both of those? At flame out or after the primary ferment?
  12. I need a little help from the experienced brewers. I would like to add a mild orange flavor to the Whispering Wheat. Could I add an orange zest to the wort? Or what would be the best way to do it? Once again, thanks guys!
  13. Hey Radio! I bottled my first batch yesterday(WCPA) and have Octoberfest fermenting. I made it to BB&B after x-mas for another kit! These guys on here are great. They all want to see us 'Nu' brewers to be successful. Look forward to more posts! GO PACK GO! :chug:
  14. how long have you had it bottled for? I'm tryin to get as much feedback on how long I should leave it. Also to the experienced brewers, how long can I condition a batch of brew? I'm wondering if the longer I let my current batch both ferment and carb/condition the better it would be? Thanks again -Tim
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