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  1. I find usually Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head labels to be the easiest to remove. Magic Hat have gone back and forth. McSorely's? Forget it... I used em once and never again. I generally just use Sierra Nevada bottles now for consistency but this current batch I'm branching out and using some 24oz bottles from Sierra Nevada, Laguintas and a Dogfish Head champagne bottle for gifting reasons. Anyone ever have issues capping the the DFH champagne bottles?
  2. It's on its merry way, foolish of me I know to go on to now my third batch without one. I'll give it another week and by then (hopefully) my hydrometer will have arrived so I can take a reading rather than the guess work I employed previously. Thanks for the help!
  3. Having a similar issue with my current IPA batch. Went into the fermenter on Feb 26th, pulled a small sample yesterday and it was very cloudy, almost to where it looked like Bailey's. Today it's less cloudy and Bailey's looking, starting to take on an amber color. Should I maybe let it hang out for another week and then bottle?
  4. Hailing from Astoria, NY which gave the name to my "brewery", Hell Gate Brewing. The lady love and I are moving to New Jersey in two months though, and hoping to have more space so I can finally expand brewing capacities! I'm torn about if the Hell Gate name should stay or not??
  5. Thanks everyone, you guys are the best. I'm gonna start brewin this hoss up today and let it sit for a few months after bottling. I'm thinking a spring debut will be appropriate!
  6. Thanks! I was thinking of adding honey for a little extra howdoyado. Now with these hop boil times, do I do them separately or all three at once? And as for dry hopping after 7 days, that would be dropping them into the fermenter 7 days into the process? Sorry if there's some newby questions that should have obvious answers, just wanna make sure I do right!
  7. Multiple half ounce packets of each. I was probably going to drop the WCPA, I just listed it to see if anyone had any good ideas on combinations.
  8. So I'm looking to start up my third batch (few days left conditioning for my Irish Stout!) and as certified hophead, I want do an IPA that I can be proud of. I'm just a bit unsure about certain things such as boil times when it comes to adding hops (do I boil them with the UME or in water?) and also want to know what I could do to ensure a nice ABV and maybe enhance the flavor. Here's what I'm working with: 1 Mr Beer fermenter 1 Cowboy Golden Lager HME 1 Mellow Amber UME 1 WCPA refill Cascade, Willamette and Palisade hops Should I use the under the cap Brewers Yeast or should I get something else? Any and all advice will be much appreciated!
  9. I've only used 12oz glass bottles for my brews. The first one was a mix of long necks and the shorter bottles Sierra Nevada favors. Now I use only the shorter bottles simply for personal preference of presentation. I am going to try a few 22oz glass for a summer Belgian white I plan on making this year.
  10. jnwoodall wrote: Rename yours The Original Hell gate brewing Co. Good call! I'll just make the "Original" part of the logo small so I don't haveta compromise the design much. Thanks!
  11. I always fully rinse with hot water if I'm saving bottles for my own brews, then store em upside down the in the six pack holder they came in. When it comes time to use them I fill the sink with hot water and fully submerge all the bottles for a good 25-30 mins. Then I drain and peel off what I can of the existing labels (dogfish head and Sierra Nevada brand labels come off very easily), followed by a vigorous scrub with steel wool. Finish it all off with a scrub down with a regular dish sponge, some dish soap and another rinse (inside and out) with hot water. Then of course sanitizing appropriately before bottling.
  12. Since the summer I've been calling mine Hell Gate Brewing Co. named for a beautiful rail bridge that links my neighborhood of Astoria, Queens with Randall's Island and The Bronx. It's very iconic and historic bridge and has become a part of my logo as well. Not sure what to do with the name when I move to New Jersey in the spring... I've also discovered that some fellas somewhere in the midwest or so are opening a brewpub and calling Hellgate, in reference to where one of them went to school. What to do!
  13. Luckily, anyone who I've ever given one of mine to has immediately poured it into a glass. I did however drink one of the last ones from my last batch straight from the bottle and it was pretty good. No trub either at the bottom of the bottle, at least none I noticed.
  14. Labeling and naming the brews is a huge part of the fun for me. I design them on Photoshop then have them printed on standard paper, apply them with water soluble glue (since I reuse any bottles that don't get gifted to buddies). Just put this batch in the fridge, gonna crack the first one open in a week.
  15. I'm currently brewing the same stout (with a few alterations of my own). I've had it fermenting for 14 days and plan on bottling tomorrow. Would love to hear how yours comes out!
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