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  1. Allot to take in and digest. Will have to sit down with a brew and sort out a recipe game plan. Once I have that tweaked I’ll post it and keep all posted on the outcome. Thanks for all the guidance. Happy Brewing
  2. Forgive the newbie.... Looking at all the recipes out there I guess I got stuck on the HME,UME combos. Lets just stick with the HME extracts since they exist. Would I use 2 cans of either extract Classic American Blonde Ale, or the Cowboy Golden Lager or mix one of each?
  3. Thanks for a good place to start. Wondering if your recommendation is to use two of the same extract two CABAs or two CGL? 1 HME and the other an UME, or do you mean one of each? Also any recommendations on the Hops boil? Yeast recommendation? Starter Recipe (for tweaking) 1 Classic American Blonde Ale HME or Cowboy Golden Lager HME 1 Classic American Blonde Ale UME or Cowboy Golden Lager UME (or a combination of 1can each flavor? ) 1 Booster 1oz. Cascade Hops - pellet? 2 Mr.B Yeast pkgs or (Recommend?) Follow MrB instructions for advance multi can recipe. What do you think of this hop schedule adding to booster and UME? 1/2 oz of Cascade for 15-20 min -Flavor 1/2 oz of Cascade for 5-10 min -Aroma Than finish with adding the HME after flame out Follow Mr.B instructions.
  4. Thanks for the link. Quick skim of the guide looks to have a bunch of usefull info. Bottoms Up!
  5. Hi Brew Buddies, I'm new to Mr.Beer and interested in manking my own home brew like New Glarus MOON MAN. Anyone have a home recipe or know of a Mr.Beer recipe that would be similar to Moon Man?
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