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  1. BIAB is crazy easy and much cheaper for setup. Just dont scrimp on the pot, bigger IS better even if you only stay at 2.5g batches ...for now. I have a 32qt pot that gets a bit interesting during the boil. I'm in the process of putting together an electric system and going traditional route. Gonna upgrade to 15g pots which gives me the option of jumping to 10g batches as well.
  2. "dbark" post=312884 said: "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=312784 said:I would not put anything like that in my house. I used to be a boater and a lot of guys used to put light bulbs down in their bilges over the winter. How many fires were there on boats due to that? A lot more than you'd think until the marina forbade the process. To each his own. I'm guessing there was fuel on the boat as in diesel or gasoline. I hope there isn't diesel or gasoline by his fermenter. :ohmy:FWIW, the lightbulb is contained in a metal can, even if the bulb pops not gonna cause much of a scrap or a fire, since there's nothing combustible in the can and I don't brew with diesel or gas anymore, that shyte is getting too expensive.
  3. the light bulb idea actually works great see here for specifics I have one in my fermentation chamber (basically an insulated plywood box), so far consistent temp isnt a problem, keeps it at 65 even when its 35-40 outside. built the heater and the temp controller for under $50
  4. hehehe, I'm a mick (Notre Dame) from NJ (Giants). rights now all I want to hear is football!! and real football, Celtic FC is top of the table
  5. W is a W 4-0 in the cowgirl house!
  6. with the smaller kegs that was my routine as well. with the new 5g, the lid leaks until I hit it with 15-20psi, was wondering if this is normal. since its a brand new keg i would hope i didnt have to replace gaskets outta the box....
  7. dont mean to hijack, but.... I have a couple of those 2.5g and 3.0g cornies, work like a charm, no issues in last 1.5 yr. just bought a 5g keg, real steal, $80-something -- new and shiny. silly thing, whenever I filled the keg, "setting the lid" was just filling w/ gas and venting a few times.... now with the 5g kegger I actually have to SET THE LID!. if I dont pump 15-20 lbs into it, the lid leaks. was I just lucky before and this is normal or did I get a bum keg???
  8. first things first, maybe an obvious one but... you say your kit is arriving tomorrow which I read as you got online so the CO2 bottle will be empty, hopefully you've found a place to get it filled/refilled. Personally I prefer treating the keg like a big bottle and carbing naturally, I've had better results this way, and it gives the beer a few extra weeks to condition. Again my preference. tried the force carb route and just seemed off to me, but I probably didnt spend as much time dialing it in as Kealia, so taking the lazy route I just wait a bit longer. which isnt a big deal I have a few kegs in the rotation, a bigger pipeline less hurry to crack the next one.
  9. just bought a roll of copper and adapters, brewed a few weeks ago, first 5 gal AG, and in new shiny 32qt pot. Everything went flawless, until I tried to put pot in sink to start an ice bath. Well, it didnt fit, so I grabbed a plactic bucket, one usually used for kegs at a picnic and only after pouring cold water/ice into it found it had a decent crack in the bottom. needless to say, I spent quite some time trying to cool that puppy down and mopping water up, so the $25 or so it costs to make is definitely worth not having the frustration again
  10. You don't tug on Superman's cape You don't spit into the wind You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger And you don't mess around with Jim, da do da do... da do da do... = obviously code for DON'T PISS OFF THE NONG!!!
  11. a quick google search shows MANY people re-use the twist offs sucessfully (especially Canadians... different bottles up there apparently)
  12. ADIPA is NOTHING like SA Latitude, its not very hoppy, one of my favorite MR. B refills. Try it, I'm sure you will like it, if not I'll send you my addy, send to me for disposal.
  13. not sure what a "regular" keg is, assuming your talking 5 gal corny, only difference is soda keg had soda in them previously, same keg. ball/pin lock refers to the connection of the hoses. Ball locks are kinda like an air hose connection, a sleeve slides up and down, locks into place ball bearings around inside for the lock. pin lock twists on the post of the keg, two pins lock the connector on.... back to the soda reference, I believe Pepsi kegs are of the ball lock variety and Coke are pin.
  14. stick to the directions, especially since this is your first. be patient, you will be happy. use real oatmeal, not instant. I've also found leaving it in LBK for four weeks and in the bottle for at least 6-8 wks for best results.
  15. mnstarzz13 wrote: JonEleven wrote: I think it gives it a more authentic look that some people appreciate. I also recently read that it supposedly makes the beer healthier! Yup it contains b vitamins which actually is a vitamin lost from consuming alcohol and causes hang overs and does wonders for your intestinal tract, at least its been my experience. I know, TMI, but its a tasty detox....
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